Friday, June 7, 2013

The "Sister" Missionary Mall

If you've ever been in the Provo/Orem area of Utah, it's kind of hard to miss this place-
There is sort of a huge, inflated missionary on top. In the same complex is a less grand, yet aptly named "Sister Missionary Mall" and that's where I went with my parents today.

For the most part, it was a really great experience. We ended up buying 5 tops, 5 skirts, and 2 dresses, all for about 30-40 dollars each. The girls were super cute and helpful. (I will admit that one of the workers got on my nerves for no particular reason. Have you ever had those people that you just don't like? Yeah, it was like that.)

My dad was "really sold on their shoes" but I honestly THOUGHT THEY WERE REALLY UNATTRACTIVE!! There. I said it. Phew, it feels good to get that off my chest.

On a more personal note: I have this best best best best BEST friend of mine who I really adore, named Alyssa. We've been close for a couple of years and even went to college together. Her call is getting assigned today and she's opening it next Wednesday. She told me she only wanted her family there and for some reason that really really hurt. Am I wrong to be mad? I really wanted her to be there when I opened mine and so I guess I expected the same attitude. Maybe we just aren't as close as I thought.

Maybe this is just PMS. I did sort of cry about it... It's a big deal to me.


Chugga chugga, chugga chugga, LUGGAGE!

Before I say anything else, I really need to put it out there that I absolutely LOVE reading all of the blogs that other sisters preparing to go on their missions have written and posted and created. That's honestly what I've done all yesterday and today. WELL maybe not all, but a lot. I honestly feel such a sweet, sweet spirit from every message that each sister has to share.

Alright, I've covered some sappy stuff!

Yesterday, my mother and I went and bought my luggage. Crazy right? When I was looking at it, I said to my mom, "I really like it. It just sort of suits me." AND THEN after we purchased it and it was in the kitchen, my dad came in and said (I KID YOU NOT) "Wow, it just really... suits her." I honestly felt like

Because I am always right. *cough* Moving on.

What my mom and I decided to do was get a BIG one, a MEDIUM one, and a SMALL one. That way, they could nestle in each other like cozy russian nesting dolls. And it would save space. 

They aren't all matching. The middle one is grey and plaid and in the big one, tee hee.

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  • Receiving my call
  • Various other awesome things

Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Mission Checklist

Hey. Hi. Wow. First post. This is some pretty big stuff.

I could waste some time introducing myself and all of that jibber jabber but I suppose you could just read my "About me" over to the right there and you'd pretty well know it all.

Today is really the first day that I am starting on preparations. Well... Physical preparations that is.

FIRST STEP! Included making a checklist. That should always be the first thing on your checklist: "create checklist." That way you can already check something off when you have completed the checklist in questions.

My checklist looks something like this:

Absolutely beautiful, I know. This comes directly from my handy dandy notebook (insert Blue's pawprint here) and is specific to my mission. BUT!

One time only offer, I have uploaded my checklist in PDF form if, you would like to download it.

I hope you have found this helpful. I would absolutely love it if you would comment and follow me or something along those lines. I'm going shopping for suitcases today. Wish me luck! 


PS I like GIFS