Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So Long, Farewell

First off, I'm really terrible at taking pictures of events. I really should have. It would have made this blog post so much easier.

My farewell, according to others, went very very well. Though, I don't think anyone would have walked up and said "that was a decent talk, but here's what I would have done better--" because apparently that's rude and kind of frowned upon.

Fun fact: Zurchers does not carry many Japanese things. We ended up getting a really big Japanese flag and an itty bitty Japanese flag and some lanterns and an umbrella. Wow, I know, what the Japanese theme. When my friend went to Hawaii, his whole family gave out lei's and etc!! Hawaiian themes are so much easier to decorate for. I call blasphemy!

I also sang a little song. Some said it was the best singing they had ever heard me sing, which is a good thing, right? I honestly was more nervous to sing than I was to talk. I'm a decent orator, but not a great singer. I can't remember how that bit went. It's all bit of a blur, really.

It's crazy to think that there are people who I won't see again for a very long time... Even worse, people who I won't see ever again. It was these thoughts that caused tears during the final hymn, God Be With You Til We Meet Again. 

Only 8 days left until I enter the field.

Can you say, " AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Overcoming Mission Sickness

I dunno if anyone else says this or uses this or even feels the same way that I do, but I'm almost confident that I'm not alone here. Mission sickness. It's kind of like motion sickness, but caused by mission preparation and has several side effects, which may vary. Side effects include:

1) Wanting a boyfriend/girlfriend
2) Wanting absolutely nothing to do with the opposite sex
3) Sudden tears at absolutely nothing
4) Everything becomes suddenly more difficult
5) Satan seems to have your weaknesses on speed dial

Medications are as follows:

1) Prayer
2) Scripture Study
3) Preach My Gospel
4) Talking with other pre-missionaries
5) Reading your patriarchal blessing
6) Reading every missionary related thing you can get your paws on
7) Occasionally, a gallon of ice cream can act as a mild sedative

Any suggestions of side effects or medications? Comment below! Stole the picture from here.

Party Rockin' in the Temple

I'm about 500% bad at blogging, in case you haven't noticed. A lot of things have happened! I went through the temple on Saturday! It might have been nice if someone had taken my picture outside of the temple, but alas, I am really bad at planning these types of things. Fingers crossed that I will actually be vigilant enough to get some missionary pictures taken (I have a couple of people in mind to ask.)

The temple! It really was beautiful and amazing and it was especially templey, surprisingly enough. The best way I can think to describe it as an "experience." There really isn't any other way to describe it. If you know someone who has recently gone through the temple, make sure to give the kudos, because it isn't the easiest "experience."

Overall, I still know that the church is true, that God is God and that I'm going to rock my mission!