Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So Long, Farewell

First off, I'm really terrible at taking pictures of events. I really should have. It would have made this blog post so much easier.

My farewell, according to others, went very very well. Though, I don't think anyone would have walked up and said "that was a decent talk, but here's what I would have done better--" because apparently that's rude and kind of frowned upon.

Fun fact: Zurchers does not carry many Japanese things. We ended up getting a really big Japanese flag and an itty bitty Japanese flag and some lanterns and an umbrella. Wow, I know, what the Japanese theme. When my friend went to Hawaii, his whole family gave out lei's and etc!! Hawaiian themes are so much easier to decorate for. I call blasphemy!

I also sang a little song. Some said it was the best singing they had ever heard me sing, which is a good thing, right? I honestly was more nervous to sing than I was to talk. I'm a decent orator, but not a great singer. I can't remember how that bit went. It's all bit of a blur, really.

It's crazy to think that there are people who I won't see again for a very long time... Even worse, people who I won't see ever again. It was these thoughts that caused tears during the final hymn, God Be With You Til We Meet Again. 

Only 8 days left until I enter the field.

Can you say, " AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

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