Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Overcoming Mission Sickness

I dunno if anyone else says this or uses this or even feels the same way that I do, but I'm almost confident that I'm not alone here. Mission sickness. It's kind of like motion sickness, but caused by mission preparation and has several side effects, which may vary. Side effects include:

1) Wanting a boyfriend/girlfriend
2) Wanting absolutely nothing to do with the opposite sex
3) Sudden tears at absolutely nothing
4) Everything becomes suddenly more difficult
5) Satan seems to have your weaknesses on speed dial

Medications are as follows:

1) Prayer
2) Scripture Study
3) Preach My Gospel
4) Talking with other pre-missionaries
5) Reading your patriarchal blessing
6) Reading every missionary related thing you can get your paws on
7) Occasionally, a gallon of ice cream can act as a mild sedative

Any suggestions of side effects or medications? Comment below! Stole the picture from here.


  1. Mission Sickness for some individuals may also include...
    Lack of motivation when it comes to working out

    Perhaps just getting involved more with any church activities and try to find a workout buddy.

  2. Further Medications that work well:

    Sugar whilst doing family history work (seriously, working out the snarls and duplicates in there is a JOB)