Sunday, July 27, 2014

Transfer 8.1 Pictures

Too cute. And Sister Maloy is an amazing artist. LOOOVE IT!

Sister Teagan Clark

Transfer 8.1 Pictures

I can't decide which of these pictures I like better.

Sister Teagan Clark

Transfer 8.1 Pictures

Kodomo Eikaiwa, featuring Kokoro and Runa chan! And a super cute note from Ruka chan. 

The district: Elder Suiter, Kerr, Coggins and Kaesler and then the most beautiful sisters, Clark and Maloy.

Sister Teagan Clark

Transfer 8.1 Pictures

Happy Birthday, Sister Maloy!!

Sister Teagan Clark

Transfer 8.1: Sudden Rain is Always Sudden

This past week has gone by so quickly. I suppose temple week always go
by quickly. I can hardly believe that I am now a transfer 8
missionary! I am getting old. We are suppose to receive our transfer
calls today. I hope that I am not transferring. I have been in Fuchu
since February and I absolutely love it here. Many of the members have
been like "Please don't transfer!" Which makes me feel really good
about myself, haha. I hope I don't go!

We had a party in our kids English class and it was pretty darn
adorable. We also had a good opportunity to talk to some of the
mothers about the blessings of the temples and how the gospel blesses
families, which I think was a great defining moment for them. I
certainly felt the spirit.

The other days were filled with meetings and other events. On
Thursday, we went and played sports when SUDDENLY SO MUCH RAIN FROM
THE HEAVENS. Sloshing through huge puddles of water to get to the
church. Our Taiwanese friend was really concerned about our lack of
umbrella and our getting soaked with water and so she handed us the
wimpiest of tissues to help dry us off. It was really hilarious. We
are going to go bowling together today.

Then lightning struck the church with a loud sound of thunder that
made all the fire alarms go off. The church was not on fire. It was a
fairly obnoxious sound, but also made for a good adventure.

Friday we had yet another event in Kichijoji, where we were able to
set up a lesson appointment a WHICH I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO SET FOR 3

I then had a Kichijoji adventures with Sister Merstrand from Denmark
and had some good times. Taught kids, ate with members and such.
Apparently, I am hilarious. There was this guy named Yuuki who kept
making HILARIOUS Japanese jokes. Made my night.

I look forward to having even MORE fun adventures! I am loving life. I
want to be a better missionary, a better teacher and a better friend!
Thank you so much for all of your support and sticking with me even
when I have been a dumb face. I love you all so much.


Sister Teagan Clark

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Transfer 7.6 Pictures


Transfer 7.6 Pictures

Japan being cool and being adorable.

Transfer 7.6 Pictures

Pigeon on the train and a girl terrified of pigeons also on the train.

And getting crepes at a super cool place.

Transfer 7.6 Pictures


Transfer 7.6: Cupcake Success

I nearly forgot to write my weekly email! ACK! That would have been
HORRIBLE. but PHEW we saved that!! Here I am!

This week.... Let me see.

We had a plethora of meetings to attend this week. Trying to become
better missionaries and stuff. I was able to deliver some of the
cupcakes I baked to some of our investigators! They enjoyed them!
Thank heavens. They were kind of dry. Any tips for making cakes
deliciously moist? We were lucky to catch some people at home.

District meeting was a BLAST. Elder Coggings and Elder Kaesler made
pinatas and we all got to WHACK them. Who would have guessed. It was a
good metaphor and a lot of fun. Japanese candy is delicious.

We had a good lesson with our investigator whose name happens to be
the same as a certain celebrities girlfriend. A wonderful member came
with us and really helped us create expectations and help us to know
how best to help her progress. It was wonderful to get places with

We had a fun super special sister meeting where we literally braided
each other's hair. Nothing like special sister missionary meetings.
Getting fancy.

The Japanese fail of this week: I was trying to say "don't feed the
piranhas" to someone we visit, but I managed to say two different
things instead- "don't eat the piranhas" and then changed it to "don't
get eaten by the piranhas" ... Needless to say, Sister Murakami was
laughing really hard.

On Sunday, 2 of our friends came to church... Without us expecting it!
BEST SURPRISE EVER!! It was a great day. We also made Okonomiyaki with
some members and it was a fine day!

Yesterday, we read the Book of Mormon with our cute Japanese
grandmother. We got her a French book and she quite enjoyed that. She
is going to France soon for vacation. She is really enjoying the

Got eaten alive by Mosquitos. Again. Autocorrect made Mosquitos a
capital lettered word... Not sure how to feel about that.

Love you all so much!!


Sister Teagan Clark

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Transfer 7.5 Pictures

Life with Sister Maloy

Transfer 7.5 Pictures

The typical life of a Shimai....

Transfer 7.5 Pictures

Life with Sister Maloy

Transfer 7.5 Pictures

Us and our friend Mai at Eikaiwa!

Also, me as an... I don't even know. I was comfy, though.

Transfer 7.5: Bugs Bite

Wow, already p-day... Sometimes it comes fast, and sometimes it comes
slow. Mission time is definitely one of the weirdest things on the

So let me tell you about my life. Last p-day, we went to a free
Japanese class! The guy had to keep flipping further and further into
the book because I already new most of the material. It was definitely
a confidence booster to my language ability.

We had zone conference this past week, which always includes 7 hours
of pure meeting. Well, one hour of it is lunch I suppose. It was
pretty good. Here are a few notes:

~Be strong enough to say "thank you for your feedback" whether the
correction is valid or not.

~Don't be dismayed, just have faith, because The Lord has something
planned for all of us.

~We don't do anything outside of our purpose. Always be under the
protection our purpose.

Much was learned. Faith was strengthened. Testimonies were shared. All
in all, it went pretty well. And after that, our ward mission leader
had a bit of a party for Elder Suiter (because it was his birthday)
and Elder Coggins (because it was his rebirthday, aka, it was the 2
year anniversary from his baptism) and that was a lot of fun. The
Kurokawas are an incredibly adorable family.

On Thursday, we all got prepared because we were told that a big
typhoon was coming. I was getting pretty excited. Big winds and rains,
nothing cooler. We were definitely disappointed when we woke up the
next morning to find the sun shining brightly and no evidence
whatsoever that any sort of typhoon had occurred. It was simply
blistering hot. So of course, we planned while it was nice and sunny
and crazy hot and then we decided to walk 500 miles. Through a park.
While insanely humid and hot.

Apparently Mosquitos love the humidity, because when we walked through
the park for 5 seconds I got about 15 bug bites, maybe more.

And that is when the heavens suddenly released a flood of water upon
our heads. We were soaked through and it was hilarious. We had a
marvelous time while not being unable to see because of the rain in
our eyes. SO MUCH WATER. It is definitely a good memory. I proceeded
to rediscover my dislike for salmon and squid and then proceeded to
eat some very delightfully delicious Indian food. Parivaar, man, it is

Next day was hot. Got a nice neck tan and talked with some Vietnamese
guys. Visited a darling less active. Bought some stuff to help stop
the ridiculous itching on my legs.

And Sunday was marvelous. Felt the spirit, took the sacrament, got a
Japanese headache. Had some great times with the members. I really
love Fuchu ward. Then we were able to go home and I made some brownies
to give to some of our investigators. They aren't the best, but they
aren't too shabby either. Kind if dry. Do you know to make pastries
more moist? Please let me know! (I am not
joking please let me know)

It is great to be able to update you all! I'm so grateful for the
blessings of technology. May we all use these blessings to achieve
only the best!

With love,

Sister Teagan Clark

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Transfer 7.4 Pictures

ALSO Surprise package from my dad! Thank you soooo much! The beef
jerky is awesomely delicious! It is a miracle that it got through
customs!! Thank you sooo much!

Transfer 7.4 Pictures

SURPRISE IKEBANA PARTY feat. Clark and Hubbard Shimai

Transfer 7.4: There Can Be Miracles When You Believe

I am starting to notice that preparation day is my most stressful day.
Is that how that is suppose to work?

This week has been pretty wonderful. Lots of things going on. Lots of
work to get done.

Last Monday, we saw a huge miracle. Maybe I will write about that
last. Don't let me forget.

We had an exchange with our wonderful Sister Training Leader, Sister
Hubbard! We had quite the adventure. Sister Maloy's birthday is coming
up on the 22nd, so she allowed me to pop into a store really quick so
I could buy her someone small while she talked with some people.
Afterwards, we decided to come up stairs to look at something else,
when we ran into one of our investigators! I was so surprised. Our
investigator invited us to go to her ikebana class with her. (Ikebana
is Japanese flower arrangement) We went with! Not only did we have a
great experience with our investigator, but our investigator
introduced us to everyone in the class and who we were and what we are
doing in Japan. We practically didn't have to say anything. It was a
great example of working hard, working smart, and working inspired.

On Thursday, we had one of the busiest days we've had in a long time.
3 different appointments, right after one another. Luckily, two of
them were at the church and the member who was helping out agreed to
stay and help with both, which was such a blessing. Japanese is

On Friday, we met and taught two 14 year old girls. The lesson went
really well. They were both open and willing and ready to feel the
spirit. My biggest problem was that I had no idea what to talk to
teenage girls about. Boys? School? Sports? Always trying to make
things less awkward. Always failing.

Ok, so the miracle! We have been praying for about a month that we
would somehow get in contact with one of our investigators. We had
taught her the first lesson and it had gone really well, but we
discovered that I had written down the wrong number and so we had no
way to contact her. So we prayed, and prayed, and prayed some more.

So then we had a meeting with some of the ward leaders and we really
asked them if they would pray with us to be able to get in contact
with her again. I don't know if they prayed or not, but I am assuming
they did, because the next day, a miracle happened.

We were walking out of the train station and I suggested that we check
for money in the ATM. As we rounded the corner, someone walked past me
who I recognized. It took me a moment, but the spirit screamed at me
that it was who we had been looking for. I called her over and we were
able to chat.

It turned out, that she has been having health problems, which is why
she has been unable to come. But, she said that she has been reading
the Book of Mormon and would love to come to church, but she just
can't walk there. We will be arranging rides soon.

I am so grateful for all of your prayers and support. Please keep up
your efforts! I know that the world is getting harder and harder and
wickeder by the day, but don't give up on yourself just because you
are in the latter-days. Keep being the wonderful saints that I know
you are.


Sister Teagan Clark