Sunday, June 29, 2014

Transfer 7.3 Pictures


Kids English Class!

Transfer 7.3: The Week Where Satan

Hello my beloved fans and followers. All three of you. Ha.

This week has been interesting and very long. Mostly because Satan was
working over time this week against Sister Clark and Sister Maloy. No
one was talking to us. No one was anything. Oh my goodness. It was not

But we did get some new investigators, which is exciting. A couple of
jr. High school students and a woman who wants to be catholic. We will
see how those things go. I hope they go well!

Other than that... Nothing really happened. A lot of the people we are
working with had good opportunities to feel the spirit and come closer
the Christ and that was really exciting. We went to an awesome concert
together and now this week we have even more opportunities to help
people out! I am super excited!

This has been about the lamest update ever, so sorry about that. We
are emailing as a district today and it is rather distracting. Makes
it difficult to focus on writing quality stuff. Maybe next week.

Love you all so much! :)

Sister Teagan Clark

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Transfer 7.2 Pictures

Sister Clark, always looking fabulous.
Sister Clark, being at the museum thing with a giant robot.

Transfer 7.2 Pictures

Elder Coggin's Face (2nd from the right)

Transfer 7.2 Pictures

Sister Maloy faces the future of a DARK SCARY SLENDERMAN TUNNEL


Transfer 7.2 Pictures

Me and a cow.

Transfer 7.2 Pictures

We found this really weird park with just weird stuff like a double
slide and this jungle bar thing and actual busses and stuff. It was an
interesting experience.

Transfer 7.2 Pictures

Sister Maloy is a model.

Transfer 7.2: What Did We Even Do This Week?

This past week practically crept by like a large and slimed slug.

We had transfer calls and I am pleased to announce that I am still in
Fuchu with Sister Maloy as my beloved companion. I am so grateful for
her. I think I might explode without Sister Maloy. I am really glad
that I have this opportunity to be with her and to be her friend. We
are growing together. It is really nice.

Last week we got to go to the Ghibli museum, which was really cool, as
always. I didn't end up buying anything this time, but I still quite
enjoyed seeing everything. It is amazing the great work and detail
that goes into creating each beautiful film.

The next day, we had an adventure that involved creepy tunnels and fun
playground things and secret rugby fields and cute old people who are
best friends and inviting people to learn about the gospel of Christ.

We had a great time teaching Eikaiwa, as usual. We made some cards for
some of students and it really made there day. There are many days
when we don't feel like we are making any difference, but I have come
to realize with each smile that we help create, we are blessing
peoples lives.

We played badminton with President Wada.

We had a pretty good district meeting this week! Elder Coggins is a
great district leader, even if he thinks he sucks. All of the facial
expressions are always perfect. They are never not perfect. We have
two new elders, Elder Keisler and Elder Kerr, from Australia and
Hawaii. They are both young missionaries.

I think I might be an old missionary or something, but I dunno. Wasn't
it just January yesterday? Where is Sister Matsuzaki?

Lots of meetings. Lots of changing lives. Mostly my own life.

Until next time,

Sister Teagan Clark

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Transfer 7.1 Pictures

Sister Reeves and I enjoying delicious donuts ( this picture is from a
while ago)

Sister Maloy, Sister Clark, and their Japanese grandmother at tempura!
(Pretty delicious)

Transfer 7.1 Pictures

Musashino North and South zones, following their purpose!!

Clark Shimai learns how to properly manners. (The cream puff was delicious!)

Transfer 7.1 Pictures

The gorgeous pictures of Sister Maloy and I practically explains itself.

Also a picture from the sleepover we had with Kichijoji sisters. We
roasted marshmallows on the stove. Classic.

Transfer 7.1 Pictures

Eating sushi together and crazy rain times!

Transfer 7.1: We Became Facebook

Good news!

The major event from this week is the the Japan Tokyo South mission
became the first mission outside of the United States to implement
Facebook throughout the mission.

What does that mean?

Mostly it means that we can now makes adorable spiritual posts and
help uplift the world and especially those who we are teaching via
awesome future-like tools.

What does it not mean?

It doesn't mean that we can all chat while I am on the Facebook. Nope,
you are all expected to contact me through the usually ways like
emails and letters (and packages (-_^) ) but I would seriously
encourage you to share things that I post that you like. You never
know who you might affect. I'd also encourage you to create your own
spiritual posts and share things from and Facebook
is an amazing tool!

This has been a week that has been filled with meetings. We only
taught one lesson. We have been traveling back and forth a lot. But we
have been blessed to see some people come closer and closer to
listening to our message of happiness, and that is a big blessing in
itself. If you pray to recognize God's hand, then you will see it. It
is there every day for me, helping me get back up when I inevitably
fall down.

I can't quite remember what else happened. Ate tempura for the first
time. I'm sure that I will have much more interesting stories for you
next week.

Ta ta for now! ( ^ω^ )

Sister Teagan Clark

PS. It might be best to keep this blog on the down low from Facebook.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Transfer 6.6 Pictures

Peaceful walk in Japan, part 2

Transfer 6.6 Pictures

Peaceful walk in Japan

Transfer 6.6 Pictures

The cutest baby.

Transfer 6.6: SO. MUCH. RAIN.


Rainy season began....

It rained for about 3 days straight...

Everything is so very wet...

It is not raining right now, though! YET! Ha ha! Ha!

This week, I was blessed to be invited over to a members house to help
learn more from PMG. The biggest part of this blessing is that this
home contains the most ADORABLE BABY IN ALL OF JAPAN. Ok, maybe that
is an over exaggeration. But it is my favorite baby in the ward. Oh my
goodness, so cuuuute. His parents are really sweet.

That is probably the highlight of the week.

I had exchanges in which I went with Sister Reeves to Kichijoji and
had a fun time! Of course, that was the beginning of the rain... I
swear I was using an umbrella and boots, but yet I still managed to
wring water out of both my socks AND my skirt. Probably the coldest
I've ever been in June. Sister Reeves and I couldn't help but laugh
about it. She was kind enough to let me eat delicious food like
Gusto's Cafe (with the insanely delicious vanilla drink) and Indian
Curry. Mmmmm, Indian curry...

(note: don't forget to give your companion the phone when on exchanges....)

On Sunday, we had a surprise dinner appointment that the Elders didn't
tell us about until soon before! Our Ward Mission Leader let us know,
thank heavens. So, after a fun day of church and YSA FHE we went and
had the most relaxing time with the Niiyama couple.

It was beautiful. We went on a lovely, very Japan-looking walk. We
partook of some delightful beef stew and wonderful ice cream with
berries, and to top it all off, some fantastic peppermint tea.
Afterwards, Brother Niiyama gave us some awesome missionary advice (he
used to be a mission president) and then we went on our way, all
feeling very refreshed.

It was amazing. I feel amazing. I'm ready to take on the world!

Love you all! :3

Sister Teagan Clark

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Transfer 6.5 Pictures

Temple with Sister Maloy! Yes, we are Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

Transfer 6.5: CONEnichiwa! Hah!

Wow, another week already! This one flew by fast!

We had a WONDERFUL amount of lessons this week! So great! I love teaching lessons more than anything else, so it really has been quite the blessing for me. I really hope that we are fulfilling our purpose super duper well! It helps to have the spirit on your side! That way, when you are dumb and human, it still ends up alright somehow. It is a daily miracle, really.

We taught one lesson in which she said that she needed some time to digest things, which makes perfect sense, as I can imagine it is hard to go from no knowledge about God to suddenly hearing the first two missionary lessons. We are also teaching this super adorable old lady... Still... Who still won't pray... Still. Grrr. We'll get to her. One day soon, now! 

We taught another lady who, when we told her that we learned Japanese quickly by praying thought that that was a wonderful idea and said that she would start praying every time she studied English. Eeeeexcellent, our plan is working. Not too long after that, we taught another lady who said that she felt like there were people waiting for her in the spirit world, but that it wasn't her time to go yet. Yes, that was a 3 hour lesson. 

I feel like this is such a short entry this week, but it really was amazing! We are working hard, and being obedient, and having a good time at it too! We smile and laugh and tell funny ice cream puns... AKA I tell ice cream puns and drive Sister Maloy crazy.... But it has been a good time! My faith has been strengthened a lot this week and I am really grateful for that. 

To close, here is some great advice, brought to by President Wada:

Take a deep breath! Smell flowers. Hear the birds in the morning. Seize the day! Take one day at a time. Day by day. Even a monkey falls from a tree. 7 times fall but get up 8 times. Are you relieved?

Sister Teagan Clark