Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Transfer 6.5: CONEnichiwa! Hah!

Wow, another week already! This one flew by fast!

We had a WONDERFUL amount of lessons this week! So great! I love teaching lessons more than anything else, so it really has been quite the blessing for me. I really hope that we are fulfilling our purpose super duper well! It helps to have the spirit on your side! That way, when you are dumb and human, it still ends up alright somehow. It is a daily miracle, really.

We taught one lesson in which she said that she needed some time to digest things, which makes perfect sense, as I can imagine it is hard to go from no knowledge about God to suddenly hearing the first two missionary lessons. We are also teaching this super adorable old lady... Still... Who still won't pray... Still. Grrr. We'll get to her. One day soon, now! 

We taught another lady who, when we told her that we learned Japanese quickly by praying thought that that was a wonderful idea and said that she would start praying every time she studied English. Eeeeexcellent, our plan is working. Not too long after that, we taught another lady who said that she felt like there were people waiting for her in the spirit world, but that it wasn't her time to go yet. Yes, that was a 3 hour lesson. 

I feel like this is such a short entry this week, but it really was amazing! We are working hard, and being obedient, and having a good time at it too! We smile and laugh and tell funny ice cream puns... AKA I tell ice cream puns and drive Sister Maloy crazy.... But it has been a good time! My faith has been strengthened a lot this week and I am really grateful for that. 

To close, here is some great advice, brought to by President Wada:

Take a deep breath! Smell flowers. Hear the birds in the morning. Seize the day! Take one day at a time. Day by day. Even a monkey falls from a tree. 7 times fall but get up 8 times. Are you relieved?

Sister Teagan Clark

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