Sunday, June 15, 2014

Transfer 7.1: We Became Facebook

Good news!

The major event from this week is the the Japan Tokyo South mission
became the first mission outside of the United States to implement
Facebook throughout the mission.

What does that mean?

Mostly it means that we can now makes adorable spiritual posts and
help uplift the world and especially those who we are teaching via
awesome future-like tools.

What does it not mean?

It doesn't mean that we can all chat while I am on the Facebook. Nope,
you are all expected to contact me through the usually ways like
emails and letters (and packages (-_^) ) but I would seriously
encourage you to share things that I post that you like. You never
know who you might affect. I'd also encourage you to create your own
spiritual posts and share things from and Facebook
is an amazing tool!

This has been a week that has been filled with meetings. We only
taught one lesson. We have been traveling back and forth a lot. But we
have been blessed to see some people come closer and closer to
listening to our message of happiness, and that is a big blessing in
itself. If you pray to recognize God's hand, then you will see it. It
is there every day for me, helping me get back up when I inevitably
fall down.

I can't quite remember what else happened. Ate tempura for the first
time. I'm sure that I will have much more interesting stories for you
next week.

Ta ta for now! ( ^ω^ )

Sister Teagan Clark

PS. It might be best to keep this blog on the down low from Facebook.

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