Sunday, June 8, 2014

Transfer 6.6: SO. MUCH. RAIN.


Rainy season began....

It rained for about 3 days straight...

Everything is so very wet...

It is not raining right now, though! YET! Ha ha! Ha!

This week, I was blessed to be invited over to a members house to help
learn more from PMG. The biggest part of this blessing is that this
home contains the most ADORABLE BABY IN ALL OF JAPAN. Ok, maybe that
is an over exaggeration. But it is my favorite baby in the ward. Oh my
goodness, so cuuuute. His parents are really sweet.

That is probably the highlight of the week.

I had exchanges in which I went with Sister Reeves to Kichijoji and
had a fun time! Of course, that was the beginning of the rain... I
swear I was using an umbrella and boots, but yet I still managed to
wring water out of both my socks AND my skirt. Probably the coldest
I've ever been in June. Sister Reeves and I couldn't help but laugh
about it. She was kind enough to let me eat delicious food like
Gusto's Cafe (with the insanely delicious vanilla drink) and Indian
Curry. Mmmmm, Indian curry...

(note: don't forget to give your companion the phone when on exchanges....)

On Sunday, we had a surprise dinner appointment that the Elders didn't
tell us about until soon before! Our Ward Mission Leader let us know,
thank heavens. So, after a fun day of church and YSA FHE we went and
had the most relaxing time with the Niiyama couple.

It was beautiful. We went on a lovely, very Japan-looking walk. We
partook of some delightful beef stew and wonderful ice cream with
berries, and to top it all off, some fantastic peppermint tea.
Afterwards, Brother Niiyama gave us some awesome missionary advice (he
used to be a mission president) and then we went on our way, all
feeling very refreshed.

It was amazing. I feel amazing. I'm ready to take on the world!

Love you all! :3

Sister Teagan Clark

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