Sunday, June 29, 2014

Transfer 7.3: The Week Where Satan

Hello my beloved fans and followers. All three of you. Ha.

This week has been interesting and very long. Mostly because Satan was
working over time this week against Sister Clark and Sister Maloy. No
one was talking to us. No one was anything. Oh my goodness. It was not

But we did get some new investigators, which is exciting. A couple of
jr. High school students and a woman who wants to be catholic. We will
see how those things go. I hope they go well!

Other than that... Nothing really happened. A lot of the people we are
working with had good opportunities to feel the spirit and come closer
the Christ and that was really exciting. We went to an awesome concert
together and now this week we have even more opportunities to help
people out! I am super excited!

This has been about the lamest update ever, so sorry about that. We
are emailing as a district today and it is rather distracting. Makes
it difficult to focus on writing quality stuff. Maybe next week.

Love you all so much! :)

Sister Teagan Clark

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