Sunday, February 23, 2014

Transfer 4.3 Pictures

This is the only picture from this week... I will work on that
problem. In the meantime, I AM THE KARATE KID. (I couldn't resist, we
are in Japan for goodness sakes!)

Transfer 4.3: In the Mud of the Middle of a Transfer

It has been another pretty typical week in Japan.

We ate some pretty delicious Japanese food with a cute couple who
refuses to pray. We graded some adorable English student's final
projects. We have done quite a bit of handing out flyers at the train
station, and I think I am ready for a change from that. This week has
honestly been kind of uneventful.

A couple of cute teenagers we met found out that we both enjoy the
same anime and they gave some cute pictures, one of America and one of
England. Sister Harper and I do get pretty hilarious with one another
about the country jokes. She says "'Mercia" I say "tea and crumpets"
and we have a jolly ol time. That is the honest truth! We really love
each other. :)

We had the opportunity to comfort one of our friends who was having
relationship trouble. I may not understand Japanese very well, but I
certainly understand the universal fact that boys are dumb. I don't
know if we helped comfort her too much, but we did have the chance to
give her a Book of Mormon. I hope that she will be able to find
comfort through it, as I have.

Japan is a wonderful place. It's a bit chilly now, but there are signs
of spring everywhere. I love spring. I love blossoms and the warmth of
the sun. Although I hear that the sun gets sweltering in the summer, I
look forward to the pleasantries that accompany the spring months. Yay

We met a very affectionate a naughty corgi by the name of "Luke
Skywalker" and I fell down in the mud in the park. It was all over my
coat. Whoops! That is what happens when you are clumsy, not strong,
and trying to swing from a rope.... Next time I go on a zip line, I
think it'll be on a pday...

I have had the random desire to play tennis. But no, it is really
really random and I just really want to play tennis, it is weird. I've
only played tennis, like... Once.

I taught President Wada how to punch properly. Japanese people are all
so very naturally skilled at karate, it isn't fair, haha, I might have
the opportunity to teach some self-defense to the sisters at the next
sisters conference. I think that would be a worth while thing. At the
last sisters conference, we did some "Zumba" and ate some delicious
food... Typical Sister Missionary lifestyle, oh yeah. Doesn't get
better. :D

Church went well. I am starting to feel like I actually make a
contribution in class and everything. I can speak sometimes and I can
even understand sometimes! I am amazed with the immense blessings that
The Lord is giving me. I would have never thought that I would be
worthy to see such miracles in my own life, but God is truly merciful.
I am so unbelievably grateful!

I have a lot of work to get done this week and in the coming weeks so
please continue to pray for all of us missionaries. We feel your
prayers. Through your prays, we see miracles. We see hearts change. We
speak impossible languages. Thank you so much for your constant

I love you so so very much.


Sister Teagan Clark

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Transfer 4.2 Pictures

Snow!! And Sister Harper and I IN the snow!

Transfer 4.2 Pictures

At the temple! It was funny because all of my companions (to that
point) were there. This was one of the sweetest opportunities of my

Transfer 4.2: Don't Push the Button

This has most definitely been a stressful week. Transfers are hectic.
Add in some record snowfalls, and it gets even more hectic.

On Monday. We received our transfer calls, as you know. I am currently
in Fuchu with Sister Harper. On Tuesday, I had the most beautiful
opportunity to go to the temple with our recent convert. It was a
beautiful and humbling experience to have been there with her and I
feel like the luckiest missionary alive. The Lord has been giving me
some serious blessings. I have just been rolling in the blessings.

Wednesday was absolutely hectic because I had to pack everything and
try to send it (which didn't even happen that day) and I was just
stressing a lot. Transferring is hard. You spend so much time loving
these people and focusing on what you need to do for the and then WHAM
you be leaving them. But Bickmore shimai helped me out, which was
really nice of her and then on Thursday I came to Fuchu and here I am!
And I love it!

Sister Harper is wonderful. She is from England but lived in North
Carolina for 4 years. She wants to be a therapist. She is a fantastic
companion and is always serving me and I love her!

We have already had our fair share of adventures. On Friday, it snowed
and didn't stop snowing. Sister Harper isn't too used to the snow and
so as we walked everywhere, she clung unto me for dear life. Yes, that
is right, I am the Iron Clark.

But we had an interesting mishap the other day. The elders were
dropping off some chicken at our apartment and I wanted to press the
button to let them inside the scary security doors. (Our elders are
Elder Thurman, who is a transfer ahead of me, and Elder Bates, who
just got here) anywho, so I was like "how do I let he elders in,
sister Harper?" And she said "oh, just push the big while button."


I pressed the wrong big white button. I pressed a button with some
funny characters (非常) which apparently means "EMERGENCY" ... Don't
worry, I am an idiot.

Our security people called us and we struggled through the Japanese
and like, the security system even took a picture of the elders
waiting to be let in, so that we could identify them as the criminals.

Think, Elder Bates' first week in Japan and he is already on Japan's
Most Wanted. Poor thing.

I hope you have all had a wonderful week and had a great Valentine's
day. Always remember that through prayer, and scripture reading and
church attendance that we can always come closer to our Heavenly
Father. He is waiting to bless us!

With sincere love,

Sister Teagan Clark 🌟

Monday, February 10, 2014

Transfer 4.1 Pictures

At the Bishop's house!!

They showed us their wedding picture from 12 years ago and they look EXACTLY the same.

I am not kidding.

Sister Teagan Clark

Transfer 4.1 Pictures

The Snowman

Sister Teagan Clark

Transfer 4.1 Pictures

Matsuzaki Shimai's first snow angel ~ 

Sister Teagan Clark

Transfer 4.1 Pictures

...and the continuing of snow...

Yeah, these are our bikes that are NOT USUALLY COVERED IN SNOW.

Needless to say, we didn't bike that day.

Sister Teagan Clark

Transfer 4.1 Pictures

The beginnings of snow...

Sister Teagan Clark

Transfer 4.1 Pictures

Eating sushi with Matsuzaki and Sasaki shimai!

Delicious! (MOSTLY)

Sister Teagan Clark

Transfer 4.1 Pictures

Today's Chinatown adventure!

Transfer 4.1 Pictures

Our Kyoukai snowman!! He is pretty adorable, if you ask me.

Also, the second picture is of what I like to call the "nihonjin
bubble". Sometimes, the Japanese sisters get talking to each other so
much that it isn't possible to get either one to answer our questions.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Transfer 4.1: My World is Changing

The biggest event from this week is that it snowed.

But really. It dumped a whole lotta snow on from out of no where! I
was shocked! It was beautiful! The rest of Yokohama was also shocked.
It hardly snows ever in this area. Maybe once a year, and even then,
only a little. But it was possibly to create some very fine snowmen
and some very fine snowballs and that is not even a lie.

Another fun fact is that when it snows a lot where it usually doesn't
snow a lot, they cancel church. Yup. They canceled church, everybody.
Snow day! Also, they don't have any snow plows. So on Sunday, instead
of going to church, we prepare to provide some good ol' service! We
strapped on our boots and helped people clear the roads of snow. We
live on a HUGE hill, so it was difficult for a lot of cars to get up
or down. A lot of people put chains on their wheels.

Let's just say that our backs are very sore.

We were able to have a lesson with our Chinese investigators, and I
think that that went very well. She is such a nice girl! I love her to
pieces! We had the lesson at the bishops house and his children
quickly discovered the iPads photo booth feature which gave at least a
ten good minutes of entertainment. iPads even replace fun house
mirrors. Who knew?

Today, a couple of fun events occurred. I found out that I am
TRANSFERRING out of Kanagawa and to a place called Fuchu. My knew
companion is named Sister Harper and I'm really excited! It should be
a good experience.

Also, today I went to China Town with Matsuzaki Shimai and we ate the
most DELICIOUS gyoza that I have ever eaten and we met and ate with
these two really nice ladies. Nothing like delicious food Dendou, eh?

Why has food been a part of my missionary work for the past 3 or so weeks?

The world may never know.

With love, as always,

Sister Teagan Clark💕

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Transfer 3.6 Pictures

Eating lunch at a fancy Chinese restaurant with one of our members!
Also, a picture if my recently obtained ukelele. (Yeah... It is still
ridiculously out of tune...)

Transfer 3.6 Pictures

Sister Matsuzaki is too cute for words! 大好き!

Transfer 3.6 Pictures

Denny's isn't Denny's in Japan.

It lied to me.

There was no American food to be found on this menu.


Sister Teagan Clark

Transfer 3.6: Exchanges are Awkward

Good Morning Dimmsdale!

I only say that because of the flash to the past that Sister Bickmore and I have been doing this past couple of days. Nothing like bursting into the theme song "Fairly Odd Parents" to keep your spirits bright, eh?

To be honest, I don't have too much to update on this week. It has been fairly normal. I will do what I can to make this an interesting blog entry, however. Which means discussing the awkward nature of occasionally going on exchanges with Bickmore Shimai.

As we all know, I am awkward. Socially, physically (you should have seen me dropping a billion things at Daiso today) ... We all know it is true. It can't be helped. It is a fact that I have come to accept in life. Added on with Sister Bickmore's own awkwardness, it made for an interesting day.

For example, when we began to hand out flyers at the train station, before we were even able to open our mouths, a very very very drunk man approached us and started talking to us. I can't understand sober Japanese very well, let alone drunk Japanese, but I am pretty sure he was telling us to go teach English in Singapore, or something. And that we were very pretty ladies. I thought that was nice of him to say. 

Then we went to hand out flyers at a different location. At this location, there are a lot of college students waiting to cross the street and so it is easy to hand out flyers, but Japanese people are very very good at ignoring people who are trying to give them flyers. So I came up with a method... Called the "extend a flyer and then wait with a big smile until they take it" method. It worked pretty well... For the most part.

You see, we aren't really suppose to talk to people of the opposite sex. Especially people who are close to our age. But we can give anyone a flyer. But the "smile at them expectantly" method gets awkward when you let it get awkward, especially when it is college guys. Yeah. I am leaving it at that. Also, I gestured to a guys bike and was like "suteki" which means like, "wow, cool" or "good looking" and I am pretty sure he thought I was talking about him and not the bike. YEAH MOST AWKWARD MOMENT OF MY LIFE. Don't call the bike suteki. Don't do it. It makes you seem like an awful missionary. 

Up to this point, we have had laptops in our apartments, but no longer! We have updated! Through a little thing called "fulfilling our purpose using mobile devices". And that is what is up. The work of the Lord is hastening. It is a simple as that. So this week, we handed over our laptops and were handed a shiny new iPad mini! These, of course, aren't ours. They belong to the mission. We will keep the same one until we return home and at that time, we will pass it onto another missionary. But it is exciting to be able to have this new tool. 

But on our laptops, there was a sticker that said "DON'T BE STUPID. -Jeffery R. Holland" and I heard the story behind it. You see, a couple of mission presidents ago, he really wanted the missionaries to have laptops, but when he went to the Quorum of the 12 about it they said "absolutely not." so he said "Pray about it." and so they did. When the reconvened, Elder Holland said that they could have laptops, but all the laptops had to have a sticker that said "DON'T BE STUPID" with his name. And so it was.

That is, at least, the story I heard. It could be totally wrong for all I know.

I hope you have a great week! I love you all so very, very much!

D&C 88:73 
Genesis 21:6

Sister Teagan Clark
Japan Tokyo South Mission
1-7-7 Kichijoji Higashi-Cho
Musashino-Shi, Tokyo