Sunday, February 16, 2014

Transfer 4.2: Don't Push the Button

This has most definitely been a stressful week. Transfers are hectic.
Add in some record snowfalls, and it gets even more hectic.

On Monday. We received our transfer calls, as you know. I am currently
in Fuchu with Sister Harper. On Tuesday, I had the most beautiful
opportunity to go to the temple with our recent convert. It was a
beautiful and humbling experience to have been there with her and I
feel like the luckiest missionary alive. The Lord has been giving me
some serious blessings. I have just been rolling in the blessings.

Wednesday was absolutely hectic because I had to pack everything and
try to send it (which didn't even happen that day) and I was just
stressing a lot. Transferring is hard. You spend so much time loving
these people and focusing on what you need to do for the and then WHAM
you be leaving them. But Bickmore shimai helped me out, which was
really nice of her and then on Thursday I came to Fuchu and here I am!
And I love it!

Sister Harper is wonderful. She is from England but lived in North
Carolina for 4 years. She wants to be a therapist. She is a fantastic
companion and is always serving me and I love her!

We have already had our fair share of adventures. On Friday, it snowed
and didn't stop snowing. Sister Harper isn't too used to the snow and
so as we walked everywhere, she clung unto me for dear life. Yes, that
is right, I am the Iron Clark.

But we had an interesting mishap the other day. The elders were
dropping off some chicken at our apartment and I wanted to press the
button to let them inside the scary security doors. (Our elders are
Elder Thurman, who is a transfer ahead of me, and Elder Bates, who
just got here) anywho, so I was like "how do I let he elders in,
sister Harper?" And she said "oh, just push the big while button."


I pressed the wrong big white button. I pressed a button with some
funny characters (非常) which apparently means "EMERGENCY" ... Don't
worry, I am an idiot.

Our security people called us and we struggled through the Japanese
and like, the security system even took a picture of the elders
waiting to be let in, so that we could identify them as the criminals.

Think, Elder Bates' first week in Japan and he is already on Japan's
Most Wanted. Poor thing.

I hope you have all had a wonderful week and had a great Valentine's
day. Always remember that through prayer, and scripture reading and
church attendance that we can always come closer to our Heavenly
Father. He is waiting to bless us!

With sincere love,

Sister Teagan Clark 🌟

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