Sunday, February 23, 2014

Transfer 4.3: In the Mud of the Middle of a Transfer

It has been another pretty typical week in Japan.

We ate some pretty delicious Japanese food with a cute couple who
refuses to pray. We graded some adorable English student's final
projects. We have done quite a bit of handing out flyers at the train
station, and I think I am ready for a change from that. This week has
honestly been kind of uneventful.

A couple of cute teenagers we met found out that we both enjoy the
same anime and they gave some cute pictures, one of America and one of
England. Sister Harper and I do get pretty hilarious with one another
about the country jokes. She says "'Mercia" I say "tea and crumpets"
and we have a jolly ol time. That is the honest truth! We really love
each other. :)

We had the opportunity to comfort one of our friends who was having
relationship trouble. I may not understand Japanese very well, but I
certainly understand the universal fact that boys are dumb. I don't
know if we helped comfort her too much, but we did have the chance to
give her a Book of Mormon. I hope that she will be able to find
comfort through it, as I have.

Japan is a wonderful place. It's a bit chilly now, but there are signs
of spring everywhere. I love spring. I love blossoms and the warmth of
the sun. Although I hear that the sun gets sweltering in the summer, I
look forward to the pleasantries that accompany the spring months. Yay

We met a very affectionate a naughty corgi by the name of "Luke
Skywalker" and I fell down in the mud in the park. It was all over my
coat. Whoops! That is what happens when you are clumsy, not strong,
and trying to swing from a rope.... Next time I go on a zip line, I
think it'll be on a pday...

I have had the random desire to play tennis. But no, it is really
really random and I just really want to play tennis, it is weird. I've
only played tennis, like... Once.

I taught President Wada how to punch properly. Japanese people are all
so very naturally skilled at karate, it isn't fair, haha, I might have
the opportunity to teach some self-defense to the sisters at the next
sisters conference. I think that would be a worth while thing. At the
last sisters conference, we did some "Zumba" and ate some delicious
food... Typical Sister Missionary lifestyle, oh yeah. Doesn't get
better. :D

Church went well. I am starting to feel like I actually make a
contribution in class and everything. I can speak sometimes and I can
even understand sometimes! I am amazed with the immense blessings that
The Lord is giving me. I would have never thought that I would be
worthy to see such miracles in my own life, but God is truly merciful.
I am so unbelievably grateful!

I have a lot of work to get done this week and in the coming weeks so
please continue to pray for all of us missionaries. We feel your
prayers. Through your prays, we see miracles. We see hearts change. We
speak impossible languages. Thank you so much for your constant

I love you so so very much.


Sister Teagan Clark

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