Sunday, February 9, 2014

Transfer 4.1: My World is Changing

The biggest event from this week is that it snowed.

But really. It dumped a whole lotta snow on from out of no where! I
was shocked! It was beautiful! The rest of Yokohama was also shocked.
It hardly snows ever in this area. Maybe once a year, and even then,
only a little. But it was possibly to create some very fine snowmen
and some very fine snowballs and that is not even a lie.

Another fun fact is that when it snows a lot where it usually doesn't
snow a lot, they cancel church. Yup. They canceled church, everybody.
Snow day! Also, they don't have any snow plows. So on Sunday, instead
of going to church, we prepare to provide some good ol' service! We
strapped on our boots and helped people clear the roads of snow. We
live on a HUGE hill, so it was difficult for a lot of cars to get up
or down. A lot of people put chains on their wheels.

Let's just say that our backs are very sore.

We were able to have a lesson with our Chinese investigators, and I
think that that went very well. She is such a nice girl! I love her to
pieces! We had the lesson at the bishops house and his children
quickly discovered the iPads photo booth feature which gave at least a
ten good minutes of entertainment. iPads even replace fun house
mirrors. Who knew?

Today, a couple of fun events occurred. I found out that I am
TRANSFERRING out of Kanagawa and to a place called Fuchu. My knew
companion is named Sister Harper and I'm really excited! It should be
a good experience.

Also, today I went to China Town with Matsuzaki Shimai and we ate the
most DELICIOUS gyoza that I have ever eaten and we met and ate with
these two really nice ladies. Nothing like delicious food Dendou, eh?

Why has food been a part of my missionary work for the past 3 or so weeks?

The world may never know.

With love, as always,

Sister Teagan Clark💕

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