Sunday, May 25, 2014

Transfer 6.4 Pictures

The current missionaries of Fuchu ward and some other adorable people
(why yes, they were fangirling over Elder Coggins)

Also, Sister Maloy's and my family of banana birds.

Transfer 6.4 Pictures

Sister Clark, representing the north.
Sister Clark, representing the south.

Transfer 6.4 Pictures

Sister Maloy and the crow

Transfer 6.4: Crows and Cooks

Hello, my devoted fans. It's me again, Sister Clark! I know, your favorite.

This has been quite the week! Probably the highlight of it was Elder
Quentin L. Cook coming and speaking to the missionaries and to the
members. We were really blessed to be able to shake his hand! Richard
Maynes and President Whiting were also their and also spoke to us.

One of the most interesting things about the apostle coming however,
is that it was a pleasure of ours to be able to spend some time
talking to missionaries from the North mission. In all, there was more
than 400 missionaries that came to hear him speak! Isn't that
remarkable? There was so much excitement in the air. I even met
another Sister Clark! That was quite the surprise. And she is quite
the cutie!

In other news, I learned that if you accidentally drop your planner
filled with erasable ink near the super hot microwave oven, that all
the ink magically disappears. It's handy when you want it to
disappear... But not handy when you need all that information!! Not
to worry. We were able to stick it in the freezer and most things have
been partially restored.

We have begun teaching a really adorable 80 year old. She is about as
fashionable as you can get. We will see how her interest continues.

On Friday, we has some adventures in the park. Some true tender
mercies of The Lord, but not quite in the way you would think.

You see, Sister Maloy was having a a particularly grumpy day. Being in
a beautiful park, with great weather and sunshine was starting to help
lift her spirits. Then, just as you might suspect from a loving
Heavenly Father, we saw the cutest little ducklings swimming along,
some going faster than I have ever seen any duckling go ever.

But this apparently was not enough to lift Sister Maloy's spirits, oh
no, she needed something extra special. So we are walking along, when
descends a very small crow into a bush. It was struggling and appeared
to be stuck, so Sister Maloy went over to help it. In her attempt to
help it, the think hoped onto her arm and refused to go anywhere else.
Crows are Sister Maloy's favorite animal.

There were other her crows over head who were seriously freaking out
at us and we still aren't sure why, but we did manage (with the help
of a sweet Japanese grandmother) to get the crow back into a tree to
help it get back on its way.

It was just a small, crazy happening that we will probably never ever
forget. It was some pretty crazy stuff. But it is just one example of
a tender mercy of our Heavenly Father.

Love you so much. Keep living strong in the faith.

Sister Teagan Clark

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Transfer 6.3 Pictures

This is Fuchu ward and it is THE BEST WARD EVER I LOVE IT SO VERY
MUCH!!! Note the adorable children.

Transfer 6.3 Pictures

Japanese photo booths are the best. Also, the longer you look at this
poster, the funnier it gets.

Transfer 6.3 Pictures

Ten years of mostly nephews has prepared me well for this.

Transfer 6.3: Two Nerds to Rule Them All

Guesssss whaaaaat!!

This week has been too awesome for words to even expound. I cannot
even express the great enthusiasm that has been felt, the joy, the
wonder, and the taste of the fruits of our efforts.

The week began with a fun time of adventure and taking fun pictures in
the most delightful of Japanese photo booths. The next day was full of
equal adventure AKA we had no appointments, so we went on an exciting
missionary adventure to the park.

Eventually, we made it to Thursday, the day which some how accumulated
all the appointments ever in one day. Yeah. I was pretty stoked about
it. We started off the day by going to Zone Meeting bright and early
to be spiritually edified (aka I don't really remember what we talked
about) and to end late, as always, causing us to rush to the next
appointment, with an adorable old couple and their anti-adorable dog.
After a lot of pizza eating, we rushed off to another appointment
which involved cuddling with adorable cats and giving some Easter
stuff away. The. We rushed back to the church!! For a lesson! Yay
lessons!! It went well, and we set up an appointment for the next day.

Whiiiiich was EXCHANGES! Woooooo! And guess who my Sister Training
Leader is?? Go ahead, guess....

Sister Hathaway! My beloved trainer! So we had a party. A EVERYTHING
IS SUPER AWESOME PARTY. We taught the lesson and it went super well
and it was super happy about it!

But that isn't even the thing that was the bestest!

On Sunday, our investigator came with one of our members and it was
the best thing EVER! Basically, it was the best day and I was
extremely happy. Bursting forth with happiness. In fact, I was so
happy that I forget how to Japanese properly and said "WORST" when I
meant "BEST" so that was an embarrassing and hilarious moment.

Also, was attacked by a small mob of little boys with dinosaurs.
Pictures to come.

Sister Teagan Clark

(PS Sister Maloy and I are super nerdy awesome all day everyday, and I
don't want anyone to forget it ever. Companionships are truly inspired
by God.)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Transfer 6.2 Pictures

Sister Maloy and I!!
Also, skyping with the family, classic times involving about 4 million iPads.

Transfer 6.2: New Adventures with Sister Maloy

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great Mother's Day and did something nice for
your beloved mommy. Unless you are Bruce Wayne. Then you probably

What even happened? It was transfer week, so I feel like nothing
happened. It was the end of the Matsuri on Monday. For some reason,
when we went to bed, we heard GIANT DRUMS and when we woke up we heard
GIANT DRUMS so apparently they were whacking giant drums all night
long into the morning. I learned that once you've seen one guy hit a
giant drum, you have kiiiinda seen them all. We had a great time with
our friend, who helped us understand what in the world things were. We
ate them DELICIOUS gyoza pancake things and I really don't know how
else to describe the thing that I ate.

But now I am here with Sister Maloy, and she is basically the best.
But really. I can't describe the awesomeness of our companionship. So.
Much. Nerd. That is all you need to know. We are from the same
recesses of the internet.

So I've showed her around the amazingness that is Fuchu and had so,e
good, long days of meetings. We are expecting many miracles this
transfer, folks. Expect them with us. Amazing things are going to
happen. Including longer blog posts.

Yours truly,

Sister Teagan Clark

Monday, May 5, 2014

Transfer 6.1 Pictures

Sister Harper and Sister Clark!

Transfer 6.1 Video?

Transfer 6.1 Pictures

Float thing in the Matsuri. Crazy cool looking. (And yes, those are
dancing dragons.)

Transfer 6.1 Pictures

Us eating together before playing ping pong! Elder Bates is transferring.
Aaaand a beautiful bush of beautiful Japanese flowers!! Spring in
Japan is GORGEOUS.

Transfer 6.1: Golden Week

Golden Week: A string of holidays in Japan, where a lot of people
have just the whole week off. Yesterday was green day, today is
children's day. And, if you are lucky enough to be in Fuchu at the
time of Golden Week, you get to witness a GINORMOUS celebration called
a matsuri.

But seriously happy Golden Week everybody! The Matsuri has been the
coolest thing EVER. Pictures to come. The biggest problem with it, is
that there is a LOT of drinking and smoking. Not the best atmosphere.
But some seriously cool stuff going on. But the matsuri didn't really
start until the end of this week.

We had an awesomely fun night with the young adults in our ward where
we ate and played ping pong.

My parents had their birthday this last week... Happy Birthday!!

We did a lot of walking this week. Long, white days filled with
nothing but walking and walking and talking to people. That is the
core of missionary work, on occasion.

I really can't explain everything properly, I feel. It can only be
explained through pictures. Just imagine giant float things with
people playing drums and the flute and people with masks dancing to
it. See? Very Japanese. Very cool.

A lady came up to us, pointed at our name tags and said "That's a
strange religion, right?" And then walked away very quickly. I wish I
could say I had a great comeback, but really I just stood there in
confusion and shock.

Oh, and hey, transfer calls came! Sister Harper will be transferring
(tear) and my new companion will be Sister Malloy, a 3rd transfer
missionary! Meaning that I will be senior companion. SCARY SERIOUSLY.
I'm only minority stressed, but also super duper stoked!! Fun times
ahead! This area is about to explode with success! We just need your
continued love, prays and support!

Love you all so much!!

Sister Teagan Clark