Sunday, May 18, 2014

Transfer 6.3: Two Nerds to Rule Them All

Guesssss whaaaaat!!

This week has been too awesome for words to even expound. I cannot
even express the great enthusiasm that has been felt, the joy, the
wonder, and the taste of the fruits of our efforts.

The week began with a fun time of adventure and taking fun pictures in
the most delightful of Japanese photo booths. The next day was full of
equal adventure AKA we had no appointments, so we went on an exciting
missionary adventure to the park.

Eventually, we made it to Thursday, the day which some how accumulated
all the appointments ever in one day. Yeah. I was pretty stoked about
it. We started off the day by going to Zone Meeting bright and early
to be spiritually edified (aka I don't really remember what we talked
about) and to end late, as always, causing us to rush to the next
appointment, with an adorable old couple and their anti-adorable dog.
After a lot of pizza eating, we rushed off to another appointment
which involved cuddling with adorable cats and giving some Easter
stuff away. The. We rushed back to the church!! For a lesson! Yay
lessons!! It went well, and we set up an appointment for the next day.

Whiiiiich was EXCHANGES! Woooooo! And guess who my Sister Training
Leader is?? Go ahead, guess....

Sister Hathaway! My beloved trainer! So we had a party. A EVERYTHING
IS SUPER AWESOME PARTY. We taught the lesson and it went super well
and it was super happy about it!

But that isn't even the thing that was the bestest!

On Sunday, our investigator came with one of our members and it was
the best thing EVER! Basically, it was the best day and I was
extremely happy. Bursting forth with happiness. In fact, I was so
happy that I forget how to Japanese properly and said "WORST" when I
meant "BEST" so that was an embarrassing and hilarious moment.

Also, was attacked by a small mob of little boys with dinosaurs.
Pictures to come.

Sister Teagan Clark

(PS Sister Maloy and I are super nerdy awesome all day everyday, and I
don't want anyone to forget it ever. Companionships are truly inspired
by God.)

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