Monday, May 5, 2014

Transfer 6.1: Golden Week

Golden Week: A string of holidays in Japan, where a lot of people
have just the whole week off. Yesterday was green day, today is
children's day. And, if you are lucky enough to be in Fuchu at the
time of Golden Week, you get to witness a GINORMOUS celebration called
a matsuri.

But seriously happy Golden Week everybody! The Matsuri has been the
coolest thing EVER. Pictures to come. The biggest problem with it, is
that there is a LOT of drinking and smoking. Not the best atmosphere.
But some seriously cool stuff going on. But the matsuri didn't really
start until the end of this week.

We had an awesomely fun night with the young adults in our ward where
we ate and played ping pong.

My parents had their birthday this last week... Happy Birthday!!

We did a lot of walking this week. Long, white days filled with
nothing but walking and walking and talking to people. That is the
core of missionary work, on occasion.

I really can't explain everything properly, I feel. It can only be
explained through pictures. Just imagine giant float things with
people playing drums and the flute and people with masks dancing to
it. See? Very Japanese. Very cool.

A lady came up to us, pointed at our name tags and said "That's a
strange religion, right?" And then walked away very quickly. I wish I
could say I had a great comeback, but really I just stood there in
confusion and shock.

Oh, and hey, transfer calls came! Sister Harper will be transferring
(tear) and my new companion will be Sister Malloy, a 3rd transfer
missionary! Meaning that I will be senior companion. SCARY SERIOUSLY.
I'm only minority stressed, but also super duper stoked!! Fun times
ahead! This area is about to explode with success! We just need your
continued love, prays and support!

Love you all so much!!

Sister Teagan Clark

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