Sunday, June 22, 2014

Transfer 7.2: What Did We Even Do This Week?

This past week practically crept by like a large and slimed slug.

We had transfer calls and I am pleased to announce that I am still in
Fuchu with Sister Maloy as my beloved companion. I am so grateful for
her. I think I might explode without Sister Maloy. I am really glad
that I have this opportunity to be with her and to be her friend. We
are growing together. It is really nice.

Last week we got to go to the Ghibli museum, which was really cool, as
always. I didn't end up buying anything this time, but I still quite
enjoyed seeing everything. It is amazing the great work and detail
that goes into creating each beautiful film.

The next day, we had an adventure that involved creepy tunnels and fun
playground things and secret rugby fields and cute old people who are
best friends and inviting people to learn about the gospel of Christ.

We had a great time teaching Eikaiwa, as usual. We made some cards for
some of students and it really made there day. There are many days
when we don't feel like we are making any difference, but I have come
to realize with each smile that we help create, we are blessing
peoples lives.

We played badminton with President Wada.

We had a pretty good district meeting this week! Elder Coggins is a
great district leader, even if he thinks he sucks. All of the facial
expressions are always perfect. They are never not perfect. We have
two new elders, Elder Keisler and Elder Kerr, from Australia and
Hawaii. They are both young missionaries.

I think I might be an old missionary or something, but I dunno. Wasn't
it just January yesterday? Where is Sister Matsuzaki?

Lots of meetings. Lots of changing lives. Mostly my own life.

Until next time,

Sister Teagan Clark

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