Sunday, July 13, 2014

Transfer 7.5: Bugs Bite

Wow, already p-day... Sometimes it comes fast, and sometimes it comes
slow. Mission time is definitely one of the weirdest things on the

So let me tell you about my life. Last p-day, we went to a free
Japanese class! The guy had to keep flipping further and further into
the book because I already new most of the material. It was definitely
a confidence booster to my language ability.

We had zone conference this past week, which always includes 7 hours
of pure meeting. Well, one hour of it is lunch I suppose. It was
pretty good. Here are a few notes:

~Be strong enough to say "thank you for your feedback" whether the
correction is valid or not.

~Don't be dismayed, just have faith, because The Lord has something
planned for all of us.

~We don't do anything outside of our purpose. Always be under the
protection our purpose.

Much was learned. Faith was strengthened. Testimonies were shared. All
in all, it went pretty well. And after that, our ward mission leader
had a bit of a party for Elder Suiter (because it was his birthday)
and Elder Coggins (because it was his rebirthday, aka, it was the 2
year anniversary from his baptism) and that was a lot of fun. The
Kurokawas are an incredibly adorable family.

On Thursday, we all got prepared because we were told that a big
typhoon was coming. I was getting pretty excited. Big winds and rains,
nothing cooler. We were definitely disappointed when we woke up the
next morning to find the sun shining brightly and no evidence
whatsoever that any sort of typhoon had occurred. It was simply
blistering hot. So of course, we planned while it was nice and sunny
and crazy hot and then we decided to walk 500 miles. Through a park.
While insanely humid and hot.

Apparently Mosquitos love the humidity, because when we walked through
the park for 5 seconds I got about 15 bug bites, maybe more.

And that is when the heavens suddenly released a flood of water upon
our heads. We were soaked through and it was hilarious. We had a
marvelous time while not being unable to see because of the rain in
our eyes. SO MUCH WATER. It is definitely a good memory. I proceeded
to rediscover my dislike for salmon and squid and then proceeded to
eat some very delightfully delicious Indian food. Parivaar, man, it is

Next day was hot. Got a nice neck tan and talked with some Vietnamese
guys. Visited a darling less active. Bought some stuff to help stop
the ridiculous itching on my legs.

And Sunday was marvelous. Felt the spirit, took the sacrament, got a
Japanese headache. Had some great times with the members. I really
love Fuchu ward. Then we were able to go home and I made some brownies
to give to some of our investigators. They aren't the best, but they
aren't too shabby either. Kind if dry. Do you know to make pastries
more moist? Please let me know! (I am not
joking please let me know)

It is great to be able to update you all! I'm so grateful for the
blessings of technology. May we all use these blessings to achieve
only the best!

With love,

Sister Teagan Clark

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  1. Love your mission blog Sister Clark. Love to see your pictures and hear about what's going on in Fuchu. I know Elder Bates' new area is much different and difficult for him. But they are seeing miracles each week. Enjoy Fuchu!