Sunday, July 27, 2014

Transfer 8.1: Sudden Rain is Always Sudden

This past week has gone by so quickly. I suppose temple week always go
by quickly. I can hardly believe that I am now a transfer 8
missionary! I am getting old. We are suppose to receive our transfer
calls today. I hope that I am not transferring. I have been in Fuchu
since February and I absolutely love it here. Many of the members have
been like "Please don't transfer!" Which makes me feel really good
about myself, haha. I hope I don't go!

We had a party in our kids English class and it was pretty darn
adorable. We also had a good opportunity to talk to some of the
mothers about the blessings of the temples and how the gospel blesses
families, which I think was a great defining moment for them. I
certainly felt the spirit.

The other days were filled with meetings and other events. On
Thursday, we went and played sports when SUDDENLY SO MUCH RAIN FROM
THE HEAVENS. Sloshing through huge puddles of water to get to the
church. Our Taiwanese friend was really concerned about our lack of
umbrella and our getting soaked with water and so she handed us the
wimpiest of tissues to help dry us off. It was really hilarious. We
are going to go bowling together today.

Then lightning struck the church with a loud sound of thunder that
made all the fire alarms go off. The church was not on fire. It was a
fairly obnoxious sound, but also made for a good adventure.

Friday we had yet another event in Kichijoji, where we were able to
set up a lesson appointment a WHICH I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO SET FOR 3

I then had a Kichijoji adventures with Sister Merstrand from Denmark
and had some good times. Taught kids, ate with members and such.
Apparently, I am hilarious. There was this guy named Yuuki who kept
making HILARIOUS Japanese jokes. Made my night.

I look forward to having even MORE fun adventures! I am loving life. I
want to be a better missionary, a better teacher and a better friend!
Thank you so much for all of your support and sticking with me even
when I have been a dumb face. I love you all so much.


Sister Teagan Clark

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