Tuesday, August 6, 2013

And Thus the Stake President Drags Me Speedily Down to the MTC

               That's a long title, I know. It's a poor reference to "and thus the devil drags them speedily down to hell." That's what I get for trying to be clever, I know, I know. Currently, my emotion can be summed up as "AHHHHHHHHHH" and the cause of it is this little picture right here:
                 Looks familiar, doesn't it? It's just a tiny, itty bit, terrifying number that keeps staring me in the face. No problems. Except, you know, all of the problems. My computer has been freaking out at me lately and I can't access hardly anything. SO much for all the last minute tech things I wanted to accomplish. Luckily, I have just enough power to finish up some final things (like this blog post) and some facebook AAAAAAAAAAAAND putting my cute mission pictures up on this blog for you to view!

It was my cute friend Abbey Smiley who took and edited these for me. I decided that I really wanted missionary photos taken because I never had senior pictures taken and as an actress, it's important to have updated head shots with your resume (speaking of which, I really need to update that... cough) and I think these will work perfectly. I doubt that my appearance will change very much in 18 months. Abbey promised she would send me all the originals so I could take a look at them all. I really hope I can see them before I leave FOREVER.
                 It really does feel like I'm going to be leaving forever. It's really weird to think about how much is going to change when I come back. I mean, even after just being gone for a month or so for college a lot of things changed. Shop fronts, furniture. Lots of things. I have many nieces and nephews and I can only imagine how much they are going to grow up while I am away.
                Even MORE weird to consider is how much I am going to change and how much my friends are going to change. After all,
what are we all going to be like after going through something huge like a mission. I'll be quite surprised if anyone reads all of this. I want to get all my thoughts off my chest and I also want to include all of these pictures with interesting text. CONTINUING! If you really think about it, staying friends with the people you were friends with in high school is not the easiest thing in the world. After all, in high school you had the blessing of close proximity. We spent every single day together. Going off to college, you start to learn who your real friends are. You learn who you care enough to talk to and who cares enough to talk to you. Distance creates difficulty. Anyone who has written a missionary can attest to that. There are really just a few friends that I sincerely hope to never lose touch with. But like I said, a lot can change in just 18 months.

                There really isn't too much I'm going to be sad I'm missing when I leave. I really like a reality game show, Whodunnit, and I'm kind of sad that I'm going to be missing the conclusion of. Also, the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. But TV and things are things that are easy to miss. Not like you can't just watch them when you get back. Or have your mom tell you what happens, tee hee.

             This is my last "pre-mission" post. I should update every p-day, so please keep a look out! This church is true. I'll be back soon!!

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