Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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I can hardly believe it's already P-Day again. Not that I'm complaining.... After all, I absolutely love it here. My fellow sisters and I work out pretty hardly every gym time (we usually run, do a circuit, and then I've started teaching them karate by request) and so every day I'm sore. Today it's my legs, haha, and we live on the top floor. 

Our first investigator was Hayashi-san and we all felt like he was so mysterious because he would only ever speak Japanese (though once I accidentally said 'please' in one of our lessons and he laughed and said "please desu ne!" and I thought 'Thanks Hayashi-San for your loving supporting....") But we saw him outside of class one day in the cafeteria and we were all incredibly weirded out by it. The rest of our district left and he actually came and sat by Sister Jones and I. We were smiling and laughing so much most because we were so awkwarded out by this situation. His real name is Horne Sensei and I found out yesterday that we went to the same high school... and that I dated a good friend of his.......... Yeah, Feist Shimai likes to poke fun at me as I blush, haha. He is also going to be our teacher starting on the 28th SO YEAH. (Feist Shimai and Lopez-Ruano Shimai are also feeling rather awkward about this because a) they accidentally told him that his was God's beloved son, AKA THE SAVIOR OF ALL MANKIND and b) they told him that they loved him... a lot.)

The only other really interesting thing I think about talking about is on Sunday, most everyone walks to the temple and takes pictures (pictures to come ;D) and hangs out as a district but fun fact: sometimes people protest as we walk. Was not expecting that to be honest. So we're walking to the temple and there is a man standing on the sidewalk with a really really really really really big cross shouting at us and telling us how "because we don't honor the cross that we aren't going to be helping anyone" and that " we're all going to hell" so that was fun and by fun, I mean uncomfortable. I took a picture for proof..... oops. It's insane how quickly the spirit can leave. 

I was pretty grumpy for a couple of days, I will admit. Mostly because I was feeling awfully chubby. But it's amazing how quickly prayers are answered. Yesterday, I had not a single frustrating moment. Like: WHAZZAMO GOOD MOOD! I know that that came from the Lord. 

ALSO: Last Tuesday Richard G. Scott came and spoke to us! It was amazing. It was broadcasted to all the MTC's in the world, but I dunno if it's available else where. If it is, look for me in the choir! We were pretty rockin. 

My companion is incredibly musically talented and I'm always like *talentenvy* BUT because she is so wonderful, she is accompanying a mutual friend of ours, Hannah Benge, when she performs a musical number for new missionaries coming in tomorrow! I'm super excited!!

So, please, don't be afraid to write me!

Forever yours,

Sister Clark

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