Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 3: Soon to Be Sanpai

I hope everything on my blog has started to work itself out. I wouldn't want everyone to be left out of the loop and I especially hope that my beautiful pictures have started actually posting. 

I can hardly believe that I'm already here at the end of week 3! The sisters who have been here the longest (who we call the di-sanpai) left for Nihon (Japan) this morning. Crazy to think that they are on a plane right now! Also crazy to think that I may never see them again. They were all such sweethearts. Not that they've changed all of the sudden...

Nothing is quite as funny as mixing up the language. Some of my favorite moments this week include:

Willard Sensei calling Lopez-Ruano Shimai a "violent kau" ("kau" is pronounced "cow" and means face and I knew that but still laughed hysterically because everyone else looked so confused) and me telling Horne Sensei that his "tie was testimony" (I meant to say red instead of testimony because he told me I had red glassed. The word for red is "aka" and the word for testimony is "akashii"). Williard Sensei and Hugo Sensei are transferring this week and yesterday was their last days of teaching, which is very sad. It's weird how close you can feel with someone after only 3 weeks. 

Tomorrow we should be getting new kohai (lowest level) and we are going to because SANPAI *dun dun* which means were are suppose to act like we know what we are doing... No problem, right?

More protesters at the temple this Sunday. It's still bizarre. Elder Berube is feeling much better. I mention that because he told me that a friend of his found my blog. So.... Hello Elder Berube's friend :3. 

It's absolutely insane to think that one day I'm going to not be in the MTC but in Japan and that I will actually have to be speaking Nihongo... That's absolutely terrifying. 

I'd love it if you wrote me! Or e-mailed me! OR ANYTHING. *cough* Don't forget that dearElder.come is a thing. 

I hope this post was plenty entertaining, haha. 


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