Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Mission Checklist

Hey. Hi. Wow. First post. This is some pretty big stuff.

I could waste some time introducing myself and all of that jibber jabber but I suppose you could just read my "About me" over to the right there and you'd pretty well know it all.

Today is really the first day that I am starting on preparations. Well... Physical preparations that is.

FIRST STEP! Included making a checklist. That should always be the first thing on your checklist: "create checklist." That way you can already check something off when you have completed the checklist in questions.

My checklist looks something like this:

Absolutely beautiful, I know. This comes directly from my handy dandy notebook (insert Blue's pawprint here) and is specific to my mission. BUT!

One time only offer, I have uploaded my checklist in PDF form if, you would like to download it.

I hope you have found this helpful. I would absolutely love it if you would comment and follow me or something along those lines. I'm going shopping for suitcases today. Wish me luck! 


PS I like GIFS

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