Sunday, January 5, 2014

Transfer 3.2: Japanese. Lots and Lots of Japanese.

Hi Everybody!

I have to start out right now and say that there might not be pictures this week. Quite a shame, I know. I have some good ones to share!

This week has been quite interesting. Possibly the longest last couple of days of my life. We have gone from having appointments everyday to having white days all week. We got to meet a lot of our investigators before Sister Hathaway transferred, so that is good. BUT Sister Hathaway has officially moved and I officially have a too-cute-for-words new companion!

Basically she is the most adorable little Japanese missionary I did ever done seen. But we mostly speak Japanese.

Japanese is possibly the most exhausting language in the world. I don't know how other people speak it all day everyday. I have never before been more exhausted in my life. At one point, by brain just shuts off, and I no longer speak nor understand Japanese, haha. I feel bad for my poor companion. I always make the most interesting faces when I am listening and trying to understand. I can usually understand most of what is happening but... Oi. When my brain shuts off, it just goes all down hill. 

On the 3rd, we went to our neighbors house and had a little New Years celebration. We wore kimono's and took pictures and it was a lot of fun. Kimono's are really complicated! But she was able to put them on us in like, 10 minutes tops. Now THAT is what I call SKILL.

We have seen a couple of miracles since Matsuzaki Shimai has come! We finally met a less active of whom we have been trying to meet for about 6 weeks now. That was a HUGE miracle! She was never home, but that day, she was! AND she has Guinea Pigs and let us hold them. SO CUTE. 

That is all I have to update you on, I think. Other than being exhausted and absolutely THE WORST at Japanese, nothing too much exciting has happened.

To you all, I have a couple of things to say, a couple of inspiring phrases I like from the scriptures.

From Alma 37:47
"look to God and live"

From 1 Timothy 6:12
"Fight the good fight of faith!"

Love you all so much! Until next week! :)

Sister Teagan Clark
Japan Tokyo South Mission
1-7-7 Kichijoji Higashi-Cho
Musashino-Shi, Tokyo

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