Sunday, April 13, 2014

Transfer 5.4: An American, A Brit, and A French Person Walk Into McDonald's...

... Yeah, it sounds like the beginning of a weird joke, doesn't it?
Well, it isn't a joke. That would be the reality from this week. The
punchline would probably have to be that we were all speaking Japanese
to one another. Probably very amusing to the Japanese people around

It has been a great week. A slow week. A really, really weird week. I
don't even know where to start.

The Elders haven't had much luck in contacting some of their
investigators. I had a feeling that they would run into them soon
enough and that they shouldn't worry to much about it. It turns out
that my feelings were only half right. It wasn't the Elders who ran
into them. It was me.

Three days in a row, I ran into someone the elders are working with.
It was kind of ridiculous. Tuesday, I ran into one of them while
handing out flyers at the train station. That was quite the experience
in itself. Though I don't think I should explain everything that
happened in that circumstance on my blog, please feel free to email me
( and I will certainly explain every
aspect of that... Interesting... Experience. Let's just say that I am
apparently so beautiful that I make Fuchu station look like heaven.

The next day, I made the suggestion that we try a new place to hand
out flyers. It turned out that that had been a small piece of unknown
revelation, as we ran into another one of the people that the elders
have been wanting to meet with. He explained how he had recently
become busy with work and school and still wanted to meet with them.
(He happens to be one of the nicest guys ever.) Sister Harper and I
found the situation to be amusing and she joked "let's see, who will
we run into tomorrow? I think Arnold." I told her that I doubted that
would happen and we continued on our way.

Well, guess who we ran into the next day? Yep. Arnold. (Name has been
changed) but seriously, it was ridiculous. I suppose occasionally and
rarely, you CAN be in the right place, at the right time.

On Friday, we ate with a new friend of ours and that was fun. On my
mission, I have grown to seriously LOVE Indian curry. I plan on eating
it regularly in the future. It is delightful. After that we went to a
small town outside of the city we were in to find a referral that we
had been given. While in the town, we saw what looked like some kind
of racing oval. And old man approached us and started asking us weird
questions, and when it looked like we didn't understand, he made
motions at us as if he were pedaling a bike and mentioned something
about a newspaper. We politely excused ourselves. On our way back to
the station, another man made the same biking motions at us and we
were very confused.

Sister Harper decided that there much have been two foreigner girls
who recently won a bike race and it was in the newspaper and they all
thought we were them. I dunno if that is anywhere close to true, haha,
but I will take it.

General Conference was wonderful. I look forward to applying the
things that I learned to better my life and myself.

I love you all dearly. Stay true to the faith.


Sister Teagan Clark

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