Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Transfer 5.6: I Never Dreamed of a White Week

Hello everyone.

This week....




And by that, I mean we did a whole lotta Streeting and tracking and
mostly handing out flyers at the train station where we were nicely
ignored by most.

Lately, our investigators have really enjoyed doing this thing where
they are saying that are coming to something and then not showing up,
so then we are just there awkwardly by ourselves! Yaaaay! Don't worry,
I am the master of awkward.

Ok, maybe I am exaggerating just a little bit. We did have something
that we did! We had an exchange where I got to go with two adorable
sisters in Kawasaki (Sister Yoshida and Sister Handy) where we had an
interesting member visit and a great mogi lesson. Also, a bus
adventure. All that means is that I don't know how to read Japanese.
So that was a lot of fun! On Sunday, we had a lot of fun with the
Honda family and other families for FHE and dinner! So much fun!

It is a big festival starting today, so most everyone has work off.
Let the awesome Dendo time begin! Expect some awesome pictures. Golden
week shall be the best!

Yesterday was a wonderful busy day that included lunch with some
wonderful members, an interesting LA visit with the Elders and a good
first lesson to wrap things up! I LOVE busy days! I wish every day was
that busy. Seriously. Fill every single day up with stuff. Make Clark
Shimai a happy girl.

This morning, we got a surprise email saying that we needed to be at
the temple and hour earlier than usual.... AKA we rushed like crazy.
Yeah, this is a short email this week. But know that I love you all
dearly! I got all the letters that filled my heart with joy!! Thank
you so so much!!

Keep working hard. Remember that The Lord loves every part of you.


Sister Teagan Clark

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