Monday, December 8, 2014

Transfer 11.2: Teagan Clark, Super Adult


It was my birthday.

Thank you everyone who posted nice things! It really made me feel warm and special! I needed it, haha. Sometimes, I need all the compliments I can get, haha. My birthday was okay. I fasted all day and then ate cold McDonald's. Delicious. But! I did get a nice package from my parents and I will forever be grateful to them! They basically rock. I did feel a bit homesick. Time is dwindling, my friends. Slowly dwindling...

But besides that, we saw some really amazing miracles is week! I love miracles and I love seeing Gods hand in the work we do every day!!

On Tuesday, we first went to visit a LA with the bishops wife. She wasn't home. But she has the most American house I have ever seen in Japan, except for maybe the bases. After that, we went to visit some referrals with Elders Barker and Huntsman! We just had to climb a few measly mountains, right? No need to bike right? Wrong. Don't listen to Clark Shimai's suggestions. Number 1, the wind was particularly frigid that day. That is the day it began to get cold. Number 2, we ended up walking for 15 kilometers. It took 5 hours. On the plus side, Elders Huntsman and Barker are hilarious and kept things interesting and there were various vending machines with hot beverages to keep our fingers warm. Sister Blake chatted the whole way. Spanish Class that night was the most exhausted I've been for a loooong time. 

Other things we did this week was eat yakiniku and visit various members! Before Yakiniku, we decided to visit a LA who worked close by. We had various small promptings that we followed, like not copying something we planned on, and hurrying on our way, which lead us to great a mother walking her baby. She immediately said "your Christians, right? Oh, I have you book." And we ended up having a good talk and setting an appointment, which we taught last week! She is Chinese. Her and my mom have the same name. :D 

Something similar happened on our way back from another member visit. We said hello to someone we were walking past and she said "oh yes, you are the Mormons." And we talked with her. She had really been thinking deeply about life recently and we were able to to give her our contact information and an invitation to the Christmas party coming up soon.

Saturday, an appointment got cancelled and so we decided to talk to people around the train station, where there was an event going on. We were able to have a lot of good conversations. And then SAKURAIZER! Apparently, each prefecture in Japan has a hero. And SAKURAIZER is Yamanashi's (that is where I am living) so we took our picture with them and a friend we met!! It was pretty hilarious. 

Thanks again for all of your prayers for my behalf and for the behalf of all the other missionaries out there. We really feel the effects, promise! 

Always remember to share the gospel, at all times, and it all things, and in all places! You won't regret it! Let the spirit guide!!


Sister Teagan Clark

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