Monday, December 22, 2014

Transfer 11.4: Why Do Members of the Seventy Come to OUR Ward?

It has truly been a marvelous week. 

First off, I got to go on my very first exchanges as a STL with Sister Ogawa. It was amazing! Sister Ogawa is a marvelous sister who is really doing well. It was, of course, raining pretty hard the whole exchange, which made it more difficult to do straight proselyting, but we had a great time nonetheless. She let me make guacamole! 

We had a way fun Eikaiwa where we made Christmas ornaments (aka paper snowflakes) and then pinned them on a tree with our eyes closed. We have a big plan for an awesome Christmas Eve Eikaiwa this next week! We are going to be doing the nativity. I am shepherd number 2.... And the director basically. I get kind of bossy when it comes to theatre, I guess. 

On Friday, we had a really really classic Japanese Christmas dinner. AKA Christmas cake and KFC. It is the oddest tradition, I swear. It was very delicious! Then the next day, I went on my first splits with a member. Sister Blake was singing in the Christmas party, and had to rehearse, but we already had planned on visiting a less-active couple. So we went our separate ways! With member companions! It was pretty exciting. It was a good chance to lead the way and come closer to the members.

On Saturday, we really felt like we should go to the church to do various things and as we were doing various is, the church phone rang! It was a less-active who was looking for information on church times in order to give the church a present. That was surprising! I'm glad that I was able to explain everything! I'm glad we were at the church! Later, we had our Ward Christmas party.

We had a really great Christmas party! Quite a few investigators came and I became best friends with a girl named Yukari. She is Brazilian but speaks Japanese. She is also 7. I think Santa Claus got in a fight with someone at some point... I mostly was trying to keep Yukari out of any drama.... It was very interesting. 

And then SUNDAY! We had lots of preparations for the beautiful baptism! And Elder Aoiyagi showed up! Yay! Second seventy in two months.... What a lucky Ward, I guess! I have definitely been surprised! 

But even better was the baptism. Toshie was smiling and dancing and was just so full of faith and love. We all promised to meet again in heaven, no matter what. That is one promise that I plan on never breaking. I am so, so lucky. I am so, so blessed. It is so wonderful to see the light and life of the gospel touch people's lives.

I have various pictures that I want to upload, so we will see how that goes. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! I hope you have felt the love of Christ like I have this Christmas season.

With love,

Sister Teagan Clark

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