Monday, December 29, 2014

Transfer 11.5: Kofu Christmas

What a long week! But at the same time, it was slow.... But it was also way fast.... It was also way weird. This week, like every week, has been crazy. Let us see if I can review some of the highlights. 

At the temple on Tuesday, I saw so many wonderful members from my past wards. It was so amazing! My friend Osamu went to the temple for the first time! And I got to see Seiya and Kurokawa kyoudai and it was wonderful!! Sister Blake let me do some shopping in Fuchu before heading back to Hachijoji to spend the night. We met some people from Egypt who were incredible nice (and stylish!) and ate bread and had a wonderful conversation about Christmas with a Japanese girl. We really felt the spirit, it was so nice. 

Spent the night in Hachijoji, which was stressful because of the many things that needed to get put together for the Christmas conference the next day. Which was amazing! It was really good to see everyone! I got to see Sister Maloy and Jones and Lope and Feist and it was really great! We also got a new phone, which was a bit troublesome. Santa Claus came and we did a gift exchange, in which I got pikachu socks. Ah yeah. Score. 

Then we rushed back to Kofu, made frosting for the carrot cake and came to the church! We had a successful Christmas Eve party with our English class students. And everyone liked the carrot cake I made! {thanks mom! :) } 

I even got to skype with my family, which was way weird! Because before they were like "see you next Christmas, bye, love you, miss you so much!!!!!!!!!!" But this time it was like "love YA, see you in two months" wait, what? Two months? TWO MONTHS? Less than two months? Are you kiiiiddings me? *runs around frantically until crash and burn* Keep calm and don't panic. Everything will be okay. (=゚ω゚)ノ

Toshie Shimai was confirmed a member of the church and it was beautiful. It was a very exciting day! We had three investigators at church. What the! We have also been blessed to be able to meet with members a lot recently. I guess that happens when everyone has work off for New Years. Oh, Japan and New Years. Good times. We will see how it goes. 

Today we had a fun party with our friend Akemi and her son. Good times. Her son loves Elder Terry, and he was apparently WAAAY excited for him to come over. It is a really cute relationship. Hopefully he will stay in Kofu forever. Because Hikaru is going to be the saddest little boy when Elder Terry leaves. 

Now it is time to sleep. Oh wait, we have an appointment. Appointment time! WHOO hoooooo! 

Love you lots! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!! 


Sister Teagan Clark

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