Monday, October 14, 2013

Transfer 1.1: The Party District

Hi. I'm in Japan. Wut.
I'm trying to decide what would be best to decide! I've got to write this as quick as I can and so I'll do my best to include as much info as you might what to know!
I left for Japan at 8:30 AM on Oct 7th and arrived at 4:30 PM on Oct 8th. My mission president is PRESIDENT WADA and he's only the best, no big deal. We stand a couple of nights in the beautiful mission home in Kichijogi and recieved some training. And then did streeting..... With Feist Shimai.... AKA neither of us knew what we were doing. BUT! It went well. The first 3 people we talked to didn't speak Japanese but spoke English, so everything went alright.
My trainer is Hathaway Shimai and I feel so very blessed to get to be with her. She's a great example and she's really patient with all of my folley's.
We live in a two story house with two other sisters (Imano Shimai and Wells Shimai) and it's very very Japanese. Small and adorable with tatami floors and we sleep on futons and everything is so so so so cool I can hardly stand how amazing everything is. I'll try really hard to upload some pictures.
This computer is going a tad crazy on me as of right now. Haha. Normal.
Language folley for this week is the time that I said "Green English Class" instead of "Free English Class" while I was trying to hand out flyers. Whoops. Hathaway Shimai was pretty entertained by it though, haha.
Everything has been going really really well. Maybe next week I'll tell you all the cool stories! But for now, I will bid you adieue!
Stay safe everyone! I love you a lot!
Sister Teagan Clark
Japan Tokyo South Mission
1-7-7 Kichijoji Higashi-Cho
Musashino-Shi, Tokyo

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