Monday, October 28, 2013

Transfer 1.3: Sweets Paradise Sickness

Well, this week has been more than a little crazy,
So we went to Sweets Paradise last P-Day, right? And it was awesome and delicious and everything. Not so awesome is the fact that the next morning, Sister Hathaway, Sister Imano and Sister Wells all woke up feeling very sick the next morning. Let's just say that I got a loooot of studying done on Tuesday and Wednesday. Hathaway Shimai is still not feeling 100%. Because of the Sweets Paradise Sickness, I don't have much to report on.
On Thursday, we had zone conference with our zone and another zone. In this conference, we had some training, some more training, some practicing and then more training. Let's just say that it went from 9 AM to 6 PM. It also included testimonies of those who are leaving this next transfer or the transfer after.
Some of my favorite (paraphrased quotes):
- "Sometimes we just have to wait on the Lord's time"
- "There is happiness to be found and is in the gospel"
- "Find yourself in order to find others"
It was a really great conference.
Also this week, there was an earthquake... Like, one you can actually feel and the room was shaking and it was a tad bit scary, desho. It was in the middle of the night and we all woke up, though we were all half asleep. It went something a long the lines of: Sister Wells- "Is this an...?" Sister Hathway- "Earthquake." We were all pretty calm about it. I remember opening my eyes and watching the room shake. We all fell asleep rather quickly and Hathway Shimai and I didn't even remember about it until Wells Shimai brought it up again later that day.
There was also another typhoon. This is just typically Japan, now, I suppose.
On Sunday, we had one of the best sacrament meetings EVER. AKA It was the primary program and there was soooo much adorableness going on that I couldn't even handle it. They even sung it English! TALENT! I may have cried a lot because it may or may not have reminded me about that I might actually miss my family and my cute little nieces and nephews or whatever. No big deal.
I didn't really take any pictures this week... Whoops. Next week. Next week there will be more picures. I promise. I will even write it as a goal in my planner. That way you know it is a super real promise, yo.
Scriptural Phrase from this past week:
"Know ye not that ye are in the hands of God?" Mormon 5:23
Stay strong everyone. If you hand in there, so will I, haha. I keep getting frustrated with myself and then I recall that it is only my 3rd week in Japan. No need to hurry. NO need to rush. I just need to have a little more patience. That's all. :)
Yours truly,
Sister Teagan Clark
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