Monday, November 4, 2013

Transfer 1.4: Yeah... It Wasn't Chicken

Hello, my adoring fans. I know that you have been awaiting my email. Thinking `where could she be?!?!' No fear, I am here!

This week was temple day, so we have our P-Day on Tuesday instead of Monday. Today was the first time I got to go to the Tokyo Temple! Absolutely beautiful! Nothing like a temple trip to get your spirits going!

Lots to talk about this week! This past week was Halloween, which honestly feels so far away from right now. First of all, I think you should know that I have the squeakiest bike in the history of squeaky bikes. My bikes basically screams as we go down hills, and it is a little bit of a problem. I think it is starting to get a little bit better... And by that, I mean that I usually just use my right brake now to avoid the squeak.

For Halloween, we had an amazing Halloween party! We had 88 people come, which is way amazing for an English class! I have some pictures that I will upload. We had the kids trick-or-treat and our stake president came around which a pumpkin of candy, making people say trick-or-treat to get candy. It was rather hilarious in my Advanced Class, considering that most of them are older gentleman. I love English Class! It is a lot of fun talking about Japanese culture with them! We talked about superstitions last week. Really interesting stuff. 

This week, we also had the opportunity to go to a tabehodai, which is a Japanese buffet. The difference between American and Japanese buffets, is that is you take it, you HAVE to eat it. You do not ever waste food. So Hathaway Shimai and I took something that we thought was shrimp and chicken, which some cashews and sweet potatoes.

Yeah, it wasn't chicken. 

It was oyster. I popped one in my mouth and began to chew. And chew. And chew. And slowly come to the realization that it was kind of fishy and was not being able to be swallowed. I looked at Hathaway Shimai and she said 'Yeah, I am having the same problem.' and I said 'Uhm, what if I can't swallow it?' I tried and kind of gaged and she was like 'Uhhhh.... spit it into the napkin' which I did, ever so casually. 

She cut her other oyster and made into into pieces and put into onto our other plates. Casually, as always. It was... fairly disgusting, haha. Everything else was CRAZY DELICIOUS though! Especially the cake.... Mmmmm.

Also this week, I opened the Liahona to see my friend Camery Bagley looking dramatically from the page. I may have bragged a lot, haha. If Camery reads this (which I don't know if she does) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, GIRL!

One little boy was running around, stopped, looked at me and said. 'Obasan' and then ran away. Why yes, he just called me a Grandma. In other news, earthquakes are totally normal here and another one happened and it was a bit scary and Hathaway Shimai thought it was nuthin'!

We got two new investigators this week and things are going really well with our other two investigators!! I am so glad to see people coming closer to Christ.

Love you all,

Sister Teagan Clark

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