Monday, November 25, 2013

Transfer 2.2: Yeah, I Lied.


Yeah, I said I would be emailing on Thursday, but we decided to take some P-day time and email today instead... Whoops.

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!! We are going on the base and it is going to a lot of fun. I am really excited. This week has been kind of long, but at the same time, it is hard to recall all that we have done.

On Tuesday, we had a big conference with Elder Evans that had two missions come! It was a really good conference. It was fun to see people from the other mission that I know. My companion saw a lot of people of whom she hadn't seen for quite sometime, and so that was especially exciting. We really have one of the best mission presidents to ever exist, so that helps.

We have had a surprising amount of lessons this week, which has been really exciting. Lessons are hard, but a lot of the time, I don't understand what is being said and therefore cannot help very effectively. Maybe one day it will be different. We had dinner at an hamburger place with my district and I rolled a 30-sided dice and won free onion rings. That was pretty amazing! I enjoyed those for lunch.

We have a new Sister living with us named Sister Bickmore. It is kind of fun having someone who speaks less Japanese than I do. It is weird no longer being the youngest missionary. 

We had an amazing experience this week while exercising in the morning. We were exercising in a parking lot, when a woman came over and told us that we could see Mt. Fugi from here. LO AND BEHOLD YOU CAN IT IS SO AMAZING!! The woman is super duper nice and invited us to work out with her the next morning, which we did. She gave us a little tour of cool things you can see in the area and then we went back to her house and ate breakfast. It was amazingly delicious! The couple is really nice. Really Buddhist, but really nice. They invited us to their family Chirstmas party. いいんじゃないですか?We had knocked on their door a couple of days before and they were definitely like 'Yeah, no thanks' but now we are friends! Isn't it interesting how these things work out?

We also went to a Flea Market and it got something for really cheap! Yay, cheap things! It was a really cool experience. Hathaway Shimai and I had a really great time, honestly. 

Thank you for your e-mails and thank you for your letters! I really appreciate and love everyone! People have asked me what I want for my birthday/christmas... And that is such a hard question to answer... I really like love... And Warheads....And.... Stickers? Motab CD's? Markers? Adorable cards from children? Shoes that aren't 3 sizes too small? 


Sister Teagan Clark

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