Monday, October 21, 2013

Transfer 1.2: Sister Clark, Typhoon of Awkward

Hello everyone!

There was a typhoon at the beginning of this week! My first typhoon ever, what memories. It was a tad bit scary considering that our house was shaking quite a bit. Lots of wind and rain and lots of riding our bikes in the pouring rain. 

I have determined that I am not very good at riding bikes. It is scary! Especially in the rain, because it becomes a lot harder to see. Also, Kanagawa has a LOT of hills and I feel bad because I always have to walk up them. Sister Hathaway is like Super Women, she can power up the hills. I'm afraid that my legs are going to break, haha. 

I have discovered that in Japanese, I become about 300% more awkward than I am in English. The Japanese people are masters at ignoring. I will literally be dancing around, trying to give someone a flyer for Free English Class and they just don't even acknowledge me. Crazy skilled! But then I just feel even more awkward. One day I stopped these three girls that I thought were wearing really cute clothes, but I swear it was the most awkward conversation ever in the history of Japanese. 

"Excuse me. Really cute. EVERYTHING cute." is basically what I said and Hathaway Shimai was just dying of laughter. Oh well. A lot of people laugh at me. Most groups of college buys who think they are hilarious. Surprisingly enough, groups of college boys in Japan and in America are very similar. They all think they are the coolest thing to ever walk this earth.

We also saw a lot of miracles this week. Once we were just talking with this older lady and these two other woman came up and was like "Hi, I want you to teach my friend about God." LIKE WHAT! How does that even happen? Totally miraculous. Also once we were going to be late getting home and so we were literally running and we live on a HUGE hill. I am talking HUMONGOUS and right before we got to the really steep part, a member saw us and gave us a ride and gave us some sushi. Crazy amazing!!

I gave a short testimony in sacrament meeting which is good, I think. Everyone said it was good, but they could also just have been being really nice. I have eaten persimmons for the first time and surprisingly I eat a lot of persimmons. They grow here really well. 

I also taught my first lesson to a wonderful woman named Dakko-san. She is really amazing and the spirit was really strong. Sister Hathaway is truly an amazing teacher and I am just thankful that I was able to say a couple of things. 

Something that is different from America v. Japan is Japan has A LOT of random vending machines all over the place. Also, they have hardly any garbage cans, and yet you hardly see any garbage anywhere... They are so good at recycling and it is really impressive. America could definitely take that example.

I hope I get more used to bike riding and less terrified of dying... Haha. I am a big wimp, I admit it! I will try harder!

With Love, always,

Sister Teagan Clark
Japan Tokyo South Mission
1-7-7 Kichijoji Higashi-Cho
Musashino-Shi, Tokyo

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