Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Good morning, my darlings fans!

And by fans, I means friends, of course. 

Last Tuesday was our last Tuesday having devotionals in the Marriott Center. It has been an honor to be a part of that. This last week has mostly been crazy. Jones Shimai and the other Sisters all had choir practices in the mornings and I had to do exchanged with a Sister Southworth in a different district. There are some fine missionaries in that district, but they just aren't MY missionaries, you know?

This week, I really wanted to start sharing some scriptures that I wrote down during the week. These are scriptures/phrases that really suck out to me and when I read them, my heart was sincerely touched by the spirit and it caused me to ponder. I hope that perhaps you might be caused to ponder as well.

"God has entrusted you with these things" Alma 37:14

"Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith?" Matt 8:26

"BE MERCIFUL. DEAL JUSTLY. JUDGE RIGHTEOUSLY. DO GOOD CONTINUALLY. Then shall ye receive your reward." Alma 41:14

"ARISE and be not afraid" Matt 17:7

"If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed...nothing shall be impossible unto you." Matt 17:20

"yeah, I will keep thy commandments WILL ALL MY HEART" Alma 45:7

"But behold to [Satan's] astonishment [the soft spots in Sister Clark's testimony] which had hitherto been a weak place, had now, by the means of [the Spirit of the Lord]. BECOME STRONG. Yeah, even to exceed the strength of [the adversary]" Alma 49:14

"Truly this was the Son of God" Matt 27:54 (Believed on Him after it was too late)

Alma 53:9- INIQUITY puts us in the most DANGEROUS CIRCUMSTANCES

Those are just a few things. The MTC is amazing. The work is amazing. I promise that if you study the scriptures with all your heart that the spirit will speak to you and testify of the truth of Christ. 

The best language follie of this week when me. I accidentally said "saiko" instead of "seiko" one meaning success, and the other meaning awesome. Not too bad. BUT THEN I said said "shinpai" instead of " shinpo" one meaning anxiety or concern and the other meaning progression. My poor investigator was very confused. 

Picture to come! With lots of love!!

Sister Teagan Clark

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