Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 7: You Know You've Been at the MTC For Too Long When....

1) You can call several of the workers by name.
2) You know exactly when the Brazilian missionaries are suppose to get their visas.
3) You become emotionally invested when one of the zone leaders starts talking to one of the workers.
4) Bouncy balls are extremely entertaining.
5) An entire Brazilian District knows you by name.
6) The cafeteria menu is NEVER new.
7) Fear glistens in English missionaries eyes whenever you tell them how long you've been here.
8) Fear glistens in the eyes of Tagalog missionaries whenever you tell them how long you've been here.
9) You're slowly learning to speak Tagalog and you aren't going to the Phillipines.
10) You've forgotten English but cannot speak the language you are suppose to be learning.
11) You know too much about your teachers personal life.
12) You would pay good money to stop eating the cafeteria food.
13) You've started wearing the other sister's clothing.
14) You feel super awkward when the branch presidency holds hands with their wives.
15) You know the secrets to a successful p day (including the best times to get a sack breakfast)
16) You occasionally stare at your mission on a map with a glossy look in your eyes.
17) You've already forgotten most of the inside jokes that you made in week 1.
18) You can hardly imagine ever being away from your district.
19) You may laugh unnecessarily hard at laffy taffy jokes.
20) You can actually make a list of how you know you've been at the MTC too long.

Sister Teagan Clark
2007 N. 900 E. Unit 46 
Provo, UT 84602

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