Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 7: The MTC Mental Illness

So, at the MTC, people usually get a bit of a cold on their second week.

I've discovered that your 6th and 7th week is when you start to get mentally sick as well.

You've been constantly around the same people, doing the same things, over and over again, getting crazier and crazier and crazier until you crack.

Absolutely normal.

So here I am, unable to speak Japanese, having two more weeks until I go to Japan, and I and everyone around me is slowly going crazy.

You may have heard some rumors that sister missionaries are singing at the General Relief Society conference. This is true. Am I singing? Alas, I am not. All the sisters in my district, however, ARE singing, so you'll have to keep a look out for them on the big screen.

I don't even have any pictures to share this week... I'm really going down hill, huh?

On the plus side, two Nihonjin sisters have arrived and I'm so excited to meet them! One of them is going to Tokyo South and we're all going to be on a plane and speaking Nihongo (which I don't speak, really....) and it's going to be a grand ol' time!

Any airplane advice? DearElder me ;)

Because of my lack of things to say, I'll upload a fun list.

Language follies, you ask? Hmmm... The thing that comes to mind is that an Elder Gau said "serve with all your KODOMO" which means children and I died laughing and now I'm just a ghost. He meant to say KOKORO, which is heart.

Love as always.
Sister Teagan Clark
2007 N. 900 E. Unit 46 
Provo, UT 84602

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