Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 4:

Wow, I'm not even sure how to start out writing this. Mostly because this week was phenomenal and it's really hard to keep it all straight in my mind. I'll start out with last Tuesday evening.

Last Tuesday evening, we went and heard Elder Neil L. Anderson speak. He was amazing and he has the cutest, meekest little wife. It was inspiring. Everything here is always inspiring... I keep thinking that I'm going to get inspired out, but then WHAM! I get inspired again. Anyways, so we're singing the last song and the security man comes in and starts whispering to the MTC President.... Naturally, we all start freaking out a little bit. I thought we might blow up, NBD, I always thing we're going to blow up. After the closing prayer, the MTC second councilor, or something, stood up and told us that there was heavy rain and thunder and lightning and that we would have to wait for a few minutes. No explosions!

So we waited and sang hymns while Elder Anderson shook some hands (not mine) and then we got to run back to the campus in the rain! Sister Jones loved it, haha. She danced around. I was laughing hysterically, I thought it was marvelous. I wish I could've taken pictures. 

As for language folleys, Elder Wright and Elder Ford accidentally had the investigator read John 4:16 instead of John 3:16..... It's hilarious, only in the fact that it isn't that funny, but just absolutely makes no sense. Look it up. I hope you giggle. Needless to say, the investigator was very confused. 

We had our last class with Hugo Sensei this week, which was sad, and now we are permanently being taught by Gardener Sensei and Horne Sensei. Horne Sensei is a bag full of surprises!

For example, he was about 5 seconds late, so we made him door approach (because that's what happens when you're late to class) and Elder Cluff was the investigator and I can't recall exactly how or why, but Horne Sensei because speaking AND DOOR APPROACHING in SPANISH! Lopez-Ruano Shimai hoped up and took over with her amazing language skills. She was really impressed as well. Later that night she said that, "he was using really big words and really good grammar." In teh middle of door approaching, he accidentally started speaking Portuguese and had to switch back to Spanish. Who is this man? Seriously want to be his best friend. 

He explained later that one day while he was in Nihon (Japan) that his mission president called him up and told him to learn Portuguese, so he did. He promised that if he could learn Japanese AND Portuguese, that we could learn just Japanese just fine. 

Fast Sunday was the best pick me up in the world. The dai-sampai have strong, strong testimonies and I had some prayers answered and feelings cleared away. I have been having trouble just STARING back at my past and feeling so guilty for past sins and wondering what was wrong with me. I talk with one of the branch presidency and he encouraged me to look forward. Nihon is the Land of the Rising Sun. I've decided that it's about high time that I start walking towards that sunrise instead of looking back into the darkness. This thought has honestly changed my mission.

The new kohai arrived last week and they are very nice. There is a girl (E Brown) that I knew in high school who is a new kohai! ALSO NEW NIHONGIN ARRIVED LAST NIGHT AND I'M REALLY EXCITED TO MEET THEM BECAUSE NIHONJIN WA KAWAII DESU NE! 日本人はかわいいですね!

Looks like it's about time to finish up. I hope everyone is having a great week. A challenge you to really STUDY you're scriptures everyday! あなたはしゅくふくします!(I hope that's right......)

Love always,

Sister Teagan Clark
2007 N. 900 E. Unit 46 
Provo, UT 84602

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