Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Transfer 8.2: There's a Wright Way to Live


I think some of you already know this, but this last week has been absolutely crazy! On Monday, I found out that I would be moving from Fuchu to Yamto. And this I discovered that transferring is one of the hardest things.

After the announcement, we went bowling with a couple of our friends. We were all really sad. But we had a great time! I totally got second once. Chiuhua beat us all. Both rounds. And then we took SO MUCH POOTYCOODA. I can't even explain. 

I spent a lot of time packing and crying and packing and crying. I really spent a lot of effort in Fuchu. I had a lot of friends. They told me a made a difference. How nice of them. I don't know if I really have felt like I made a difference. But so many people wrote so many nice notes and letters, thanking me a wishing me luck. I cried with them, and hugged them and really prayed for them. I love the people in Fuchu. I love them so much. Ridiculous amount of love. 

But it was hard. It was so hard to leave. I knew it was going to be hard and it was. Cried on the train as it left Fuchu. Lots of Japanese people staring at the weird crying girl by herself on the train. It was pretty dramatic. My life is basically a movie.

But now I am here with Sister Wright in Yamato, and she is absolutely darling. She is transfer 2 and superbly adorable. She is such a hard worker. 

I think adjusting has been the hardest. Getting used to new names and new people. I live with Sister  Yoshida from Mexico and Sister Ellingson from Alaska. The church is HUGE and beautiful. 

We went to the temple today and it has been really hot and sweaty. Pictures to come, I promise! Not much else to say that I can think of. We walked for 3 hours, haha, by accident. Whoops. I can't judge time by map. That is one thing I learned this week. 

Love you all! I bet next weeks update will be better! I'm feeling a bit scatter brained right now. Keep loving everyone and being wonderful! :)

Sister Teagan Clark

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