Monday, August 11, 2014

Transfer 8.3: Somersaults and a Late Night Snack

Looks like we are almost half way into the transfer. Isn't it incredibly how quickly these things go? Time is incredibly. I really like the way Hindus think. Yes, I know that was random, but Hinduism is pretty darn cool. 

I have had a few hilarious moments this past week that I'd like to share with you. Ohkay, maybe not thaaaat funny, but I guess we'll see what you think. 

Wednesday we had a lesson with an investigator that I reeeeally like and so I reeeeally hope things go well with her. I want to see her happy and baptized. I think she'd be a great member. She sees ghosts and stuff, so that is pretty cool. I want to tell her some of my moms ghost stories. 

On Friday, we had two things planned. The first one was a lesson with a less-active member who turned out not to be home and didn't answer the phone when we called. So that didn't happen. But we didn't even surrender! We went right on to what we had planned next, which was visiting an investigator that neither of us had met yet. We were just planning in dropping off a note from the sister who left, so we hadn't even considered planning a lesson. We were also a little apprehensive, because we were told that this lady's daughter, who were suppose to be teaching, is incredibly shy and refused to speak with anyone. 

We went to the house and met the mother and asked her when would be best for us to come back and teach. Unexpectedly, the mother said "well, we can't really plan anything, but we have 30 minutes right now, can you teach now?" What missionary would say no to that! So we pulled off a rather impromptu lesson (note: improv is harder in Japanese than in English) and taught a simple, but heartfelt lesson about charity. It was much better than expected! The daughter ended up not being shy whatsoever. She was very nice and asked lots of questions and listened very politely. They are taking care of their 98 year old grandfather and cannot set lesson appointments at the moment, but they said we were welcome to return. Lesson learned: always plan a lesson, just in case. 

On Saturday morning, wonderful Sister Ellingson discovered that I am unable to do somersaults or cartwheels, but have a desire to learn. She used to be a gymnastics teacher, so she was very excited to take on the task. I tried to warn her of my extreme inability, but she was really excited to see me accomplish it. So I tried. And with a little push, I tried to go over and then aborted, falling right onto my neck and heard some odd cracking sounds. Yeah.... That hurt. But I feel much better now! Sister Ellingson felt really bad. But don't worry, I got her back... In a completely accidentally way. 


So last night, I got up to use the restroom at about 2:30 am. I noted that someone else was in the restroom (the light was on) and I knew that if I waited right outside the door, I would scare the dickens out of whoever was in the bathroom, so I decided to go to a corner in the kitchen and wait for them to go back to bed before using the restroom myself. Little did I know, that Sister Ellingson always get a drink of water when she gets up in the middle of the night. So she walks into the kitchen and at this point, there is nothing I can do to stop her absolute terror. So I start screaming "GOMEN GOMEN GOMEN" (not saying or yelling, SCREAMING) just as she spots a weird figure looming in the corner and screams near bloody murder whilst flinging open the refrigerator. (GOMEN means sorry in Japanese)  I felt so. Very. Bad. I still feel bad. But we all laugh when we talk about it. I really didn't want to scare her, guys. I feel so bad! 

Today we had the opportunity to buy some clothes for a good price and send some mail. Another exciting week is ahead!

Please try not to terrify your roommates in the middle of the night, thanks. 


Sister Teagan Clark

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