Monday, August 18, 2014

Transfer 8.4: The Struggle is Real

This has been a week with incredible highs and incredible lows. 

Last Monday night, we had a really big miracle. The story starts a couple of weeks ago, when Sister Wright asked for a ladies number randomly when we had just started talking to her. I thought she was crazy, but the lady happily agreed and we exchanged numbers. I called her and she told me to call back on Monday when time was better. So I called her back. And the unexpected happened. I began by simply getting to know her and letting that conversation meld naturally into the gospel, I asked her about her spiritual life. As I did this, I found out amazing things. She wants to go to church, I asked her how much she knew about  Christ and she said not much. So I taught her so things and asked her if she wanted to learn more. She said yes. I asked her if it would be okay if we gave her number to missionaries who live closer, and with no reserve she said absolutely. I was amazed and extremely glad to be a part of that exchange.

Tuesday was much harder. We had a lesson with an investigators that the other sisters had given us and she let us know that she was no longer interested in learning about the gospel. She dropped us. So we went on, with resolve to do better, to give the world a Book of Mormon, and to teach all that we meet the gospel of  Christ! That didn't really end up happening. But I did catch a frog! It was cute! Later that night, we called some of the other people on our list, and ended up getting dropped.... Again. 

2 drops in one day. Pretty harsh. But we discovered that we certainly have a talent for having investigators drop us whole still being their friend! That was equally unexpected.

The next day, we had a zone blitz where the entire goal was to give away as many book of Mormons as you could. It lasted 3 hours. I gave out a big fat zero. Of that isn't a slap to the ego, than I dunno what is! And that wasn't it. We had another lesson that day, in which that investigator, one of whom we had had particular hope in, dropped us. On a good note. I don't like using that talent. Both Wright Shimai and I were crying during the closing prayer. 

I have been seriously struggling this week.

Thursday was painfully normal.

And then, Friday happened. And amazing things happened. It was like all of the sudden, the world wants to listen to us. We were looking for an Indian Curry restaurant and so we decided to ask someone waiting at the train station if she knew where it was. She said she did and that she was planning on going their with her friends if we wanted to go with. We did. We ended up giving them 2 copies of the Book of Mormon and answering the questions that they had, which were many. Never a dull moment. 

We then headed to a hospital to visit an investigator who just had a baby. On the train ride back, we started talking to one lady and the lady turned into her whole family which turned into all the people around them, intently listening to our simple explanations before accidentally getting off on the wrong stop. 

At the hospital, we arrived around the same time as her boyfriend did... And he ended up being incredibly interested in our message. He has wanted to come to church in the past and miraculously we had one Book of Mormon to give him before we left with a prayer. 

It was insane. We were having so many miracles that we were late in stopping by another investigators home. On our way their, we ran into ANOTHER person, a potential investigator, who was very happy to see us. What are the chances!

We were amazed that day. I am still amazed by that day. I can still hardly believe that all those things could happen in one day. 

Saturday was filled with trying to find people to give a blessing and eating shabushabu. Sunday was an interesting visit to a less-actives home with some members who were less than willing. 

Monday was today! And today we went to KAMAKURA! You might recognize some of the names who came with us. I will be posting a lot of pictures, haha :) here is all who came: Becky (our member tour guide), Sister Wright, Sister Ellingson, Sister Yoshida, Sister Handy, Sister Feist, Sister Jones, and Sister Bryson.

I hope you likes hearing the stories! I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU PLEASE WRITE/EMAIL ME :D

Love you so very much!

Sister Teagan Clark

Psalms 31:23-24

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