Monday, August 25, 2014

Transfer 8.5: Sign Language and Sickness

I can hardly believe that it is this time of the week again! Let me see what I can thrill you with this week. What adventures were had within the past 7 days...?

Last  Tuesday, we had the opportunity to visit a cute little old lady. Who happens to be deaf. Luckily, in the 3 wards that I have served in, there have been deaf people and people who translated the meetings for them into Shuwa, or Japanese sign language. I have been able to learn just a little bit, and I absolutely love it!! I am still not very good, but I can communicate well enough and I love what I learn. Sister Hasegawa was really sweet in working with us. We shared a picture with her and she bore such a sweet testimony about Christ and his love. I was really amazed! I look forward to getting to meet with her again. 

Later that evening, Sister Wright was having a really hard time breathing and we couldn't find her inhaler. We called Sister Wada and she suggested that we go to Tokyo to get her a new inhaler. Sudden Tokyo adventure! It was definitely an interesting ride. We ran into a man who walked up to us specifically and said "you are Mormon, right? That means your are nice and will give me 500 yen, right?" I was a bit confused, out of money, and in a hurry, so we weren't able to help him out. It was an odd situation. 

Right as we walked out of the station in Tokyo, we ran into some other Sister missionaries- super coincidence! Then we got a TAXI (my first taxi ride ever... Also, I apparently have a super secret talent for waving down and stopping the first taxi I see) and heading over and getting her a new inhaler. Yay for being able to breathe! 

The next few days involved meetings, reorganizing kids Eikaiwa, more meetings, and getting sick for the first time on my mission. Yaaaaay. Moral of the story, don't eat the ginger off of Sister Feist's plate when you know she is sick. Just don't do it. I had a sore throat, which turned into a dribble nose, which turned into a cough. Cough cough, it really isn't bad, I promise. Just a little bit of the sniffles, that's all. And I sound WAAAY nasally whenever I talk. 

I had the opportunity to go to a special meeting on Saturday. It was for district leaders and "influential sisters" aka sisters who are getting up in years. I am an old missionary, I know. OKAY I KNOW *cries forever* I still feel like a baby missionary but I guess that doesn't matter at this point. It was a great experience, and I got to see my friends like Elder Coggins and Elder adultery! .... Autocorrect. I'm not changing that one. I meant Elder Suiter. Which makes that funnier. Anyways. It was a good learning experience and I think I am growing more and more each day! I hope each of you can say that same. 

I think I'm going to go sleep for three years now, thank.

Sister Teagan Clark

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