Sunday, October 19, 2014

Transfer 10.1: Banishment

Wow, big shocks this week! I can hardly believe that it has only been a week since that last typhoon. The wind was pretty strong at night, so strong that it caused a loud bell to go off right by our window. Pretty annoying. Not as much rain as last typhoon. 

We talked to a few drunk people this week, that is always slightly unpleasant, but you really just have to love these people because they are precious children of God. I am pretty sure that one guy I talked to was a baptized member as well... From like, 30 years ago... Also, this guy named Vicky likes to follow around sometimes. It isn't appreciated. 

This week once again meant lots of trying to visit people and getting no responses. On the plus side, we got to eat curry and talk about the gospel to our friend Ryoko! Who thinks that I was the first person to meet her, but I wasn't, and so I don't know how to remedy this... 

I have been loving learning sign language and being able to communicate better with all the ward members. We also visited a members house and tried her five year olds better understand how to share the gospel. They said that they would "think about it" haha. It was a lot of "Can you do that?" "No I can't" if they had been investigators, it would have made more sense, haha. 

Saturday was zone meeting (gonna be honest, do not like) which was rough time always, but then we went to a members house and had an awesome delicious lunch and lesson! Yeah, helping strengthen faith, WHOO!! Then we streets around this big antiques fair and I bought a cool ring. It says "happily".

Sunday was perhaps one of the happiest days of my mission. I had the opportunity to go back to wonderful wonderful Fuchu and be a part of my friend Osamu's baptism!! Earlier that day, I gave a talk in sacrament meeting (which went pretty well, I think) and then we ran over to the event! Had some good conversations on the train! And had such a wonderful day in Fuchu! All the members remembered me and said they missed me and even the kids remembered me and I was so surprised and happy because I love all of them so so so much!! And Osamu is amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better day.

But the biggest shock happy just now. We got our transfer calls. I'm going to Kofu, the biggest area in our mission.... It has Mt. Fuji..... It also has basically no one..... Way worried! But excited! My new companion is named Sister Blake! Easy to remember, right?

Big change! Big big change! Kofu is so far away that we always joke that you get banished there. Also, there is this legend called the "Kofu Marriage" yeah that is a thing.

Anyways! Big changes! Waaaay nervous! ALSOI HATE PACKING! Yaaaay!

Love always! Answers to prayers DO COME!! 

Sister Teagan Clark

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