Sunday, October 12, 2014

Transfer 9.6: *tumbleweed tumbles in background*

Hello.... Again... Here we meet, at the beginning of another week. I feel like this was an incredibly long week.... I dunno about you. 

We had a lesson with our cute little deaf friend who I love so much! She strengths my faith so much and teaches me sign language and I love the opportunity to help her and be helped in return. This last time I was just like "can I do anything for you? I'm really tall, can I reach anything for you?" She just laughed, she is so cuuuute!

This week was my one year anniversary in the the field. One year in Japan. So much has changed, I feel older, wiser, and yet it is almost as if time has stood still and perhaps I am secretly transfer 1 yet again with 11 more to go. That would be insane. It was all just a dream! It almost feels like that, too amazing to be true.

Our schedule has been rather open lately, so we were able to help the other sisters out in their time of need. They were going over to an older woman's home and had trouble understanding her Japanese, so Tamagusuku Shimai and I came and helped out. Pretty delicious sandwiches were eaten and Kayoko has the cutest house ever. I felt like I was in my grandmas house again. 

It turned out that Sister Yoshida needed to go to a different appointment, so I went with her and made her and Marcia teach me Spanish. That was pretty exciting. Also, I am reeeeally bad at Spanish, haha, but it is easier to pick up than Japanese is. I always feel like that when learning other languages. I'm just like "wow, Japanese is hard" haha. 

Friday we went all over the place trying to visit different people and get something happening, anything happening, anything at all at this point... And nothing. Nada. No one was home. Nothing is happening and I feel like it is my fault-- I mean I am trying so hard to do my best. But nothing. Is. Happening. It is frustrating!! I am just really trying to trust that Heavenly Father has something that he wants to me to learn from this.... Right now, I really don't know what that is. I kind of wanna go crawl under a rock like Ether. Preferably with a teddy bear and hot cocoa. 

Conference was really great!! We had some awesome stuff planned for that with people to teach and meet and greet and-- yeah, that all fell through, but we had plans! That is what matters! Right? 

Yesterday we talked to some interesting people... Some nice, some really drunk and apparently one was a member of this church? All I know is that I do not like talking to drunk people. It is perhaps the worst. Everyone- do not drink. Pretty please. Thank you.

Oh the plus side, a friend of mine in Fuchu is getting BAPTIZED!! Next Sunday and I really wanna go so please pray that I kind find someone who would like to see a baptism so that I may go and support him AND help someone come closer to Christ! Please please!! Thank you so much for all of your support and love. I am grateful for each and every one of your love and prayers. I pray for you as well.

Please stay strong, my dear friends, and I will do my best to do the same.

With all the love,

Sister Teagan Clark

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