Sunday, October 26, 2014

Transfer 10.2: Kofu, Mission Level- EXPERT

What a week, what a week. It feels like so long ago that I left Yamato and came to the mystical land of Kofu. Let me try and reach back into the depths of my memory to remember what happened so very long ago...

We had a great opportunity to be together as missionaries with our investigators and do a family home evening. Zama sisters did a fun activity where we drew one part of a persons face and then wrote something nice about them on the back. None of us quite looks like ourselves.... But it was a lot of fun. Just note, never let Elder Ferni and Elder Graul draw you together, okay? Maybe choose Sister Ellingson and Sister Tamagusuku instead.

Tuesday was an exciting day. Seiya invited us to all go eat together before we all got transferred off to various locations. Various pasta was eaten. Also, much packing was done. I rediscovered my hatred for packing and moving. It is just one big "why do I have so much stuff?" fest. And then we went on yet another adventure, over hill and dale to go to a delicious dinner with the bishop and his family. Really cute family. Pictures to come. 

Wednesday was great! Besides the failure to get my suitcases sent off. (No fault of mine, mind you) But we got to help teach a lesson! In not our area! Which was nice and great and lovely and even better is when we randomly ran into the investigator again right before we were about to sit down to eat and we were able to sit down together and eat and have a great talk! And all that before running off to teach English class. I will miss those Eikaiwa students... I will be honest in saying that I am not sure why I was in Yamato... I don't know what I accomplished there. Because I know that I am supposed to be in Kofu and it feels great, but I never had that same feeling in Yamato. It really makes me wonder why. 

Wednesday was also the saddest day ever because it was Sister Ellingson's last day with us! *cries all the tears* I am gonna miss that Alasakan. Crazy girl. If she is reading this... Love you. Also, today I heard a song that was like "It is cold in Alaska" and I was just like "What the....Ellingson Shimai?" So you are always with me. 

On Thursday, I decided that I am a big OL' missionary now. Who needs transfers on Beginner level? Not me!! So I decided to do transfer oN EXPERT LEVEL. OOOOH YESH. Not only did I have a heavy suitcase and several other bags to carry along with it, I decided that it would be a super duper fantastic idea to wear HIGH HEELS. Also, did I mention that it was raining? Because it was raining. And it was a loooong walk to the train station. My feet may never forgive me for that decision... There, I said goodbye to my beloved Tamagusuku and set out on the train with all of my stuff. I had some really great conversations, surprisingly enough. After about 40 minutes of train, on and off, I finally got to where I was meeting my new companion, Sister Blake. We are some bread and then hopped on a train-- for about 2 hours in order to get to Kofu. Let me tell you, it is BEAUTIFUL here! Sister Blake kindly helped me with my many things and now here I am!

We visited many wonderful people, and many wonderful kind people. The elders in this area are as follows: Huntsman, Takahashi, Burton, Clark, (YES I KNOW ISNT THAT OBNOXIOUS? I tell people we are twins. I think it is hilarious. I don't think he does though...) Terry, And Barker. A good group of missionaries. We are all going to see many miracles this transfer. 

And I think we already did with the Halloween party we had on Saturday! I became mummy! (Not on purpose) I think that everyone had a really great experience. We even did a Trunk or Treat... The missionaries used their bikes, haha. It was awesome!

So it is absolutely great to be here! We are going to have some many wonderful times and I really feel like KOFU IS THE PLACE!

Sister Teagan Clark

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