Sunday, October 5, 2014


Hello audience! What tales can I regale you with this week? Hrmmm?

We had the best zone conference EVER on Tuesday. There was a lot of crying that happening. Lots of embarrassing crying. Mostly because Sister Thomas has such a strong testimony and she was like "How can you NOT talk to these people?! You promised them you'd bring them the gospel!!" And yeah, so many tears of spiritual goodness. Also, President Wada is the best, anyone who says otherwise is a itsuwarimono. Yeah, I said it.

Eikaiwa is pretty exhausting every week. Basically I dance around like a monkey trying to help people learn English and it is kind of ridiculous, haha. And since my companion is Japanese, I get to do all the English stuff all by myself. I sleep the best on Wednesday nights. Sometimes my students try to be like "wait, is that right?" And I am just like "YES IT IS RIGHT DONT DOUBT ME" and mostly I learn that I never ever ever ever ever ever want to be a teacher, never ever ever, it isn't going to to happen ever. 

We went to the park this week and discovered that the park is filled with LARGE TERRIFYING SPIDERS but really never before have I been so paranoid of spiders, but when they see big and everywhere, there is only so much that one Clark Shimai can handle, to be honest. Tamagusuku Shimai was like "they aren't ever that big" which means unfortunately I can never go to Okinawa because there are probably bigger spiders there and that is just a no go. 

We had the chance to eat SHABUSHABU with some Ward members this week!! It was so much fun! I ate lots and it was good tasty meat and sauce and veggies. Man oh man. The ward members are hilarious. It was Sister Tamagusuku's first time and I think she had a good experience. That evening we got to watch the Women's Conference and it was amazing!! Loved it! I can hardly wait for General Conference! There is nothing like a weekend filled with revelation from the Lord and the words of his mighty prophets, seers and revelatory. Truly a blessing. 

Nothing much else to say, oh, except TYPHOON don't worry we are all still alive and well, just a little bit wetter.

Peace be with you this day, and always.

Sister Teagan Clark

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