Monday, November 10, 2014

Transfer 10.4: What a Week!

What a week!

That is really all I can say! It was such an amazing week. Let me try and recount just a few of the amazing blessing we saw.

We ate sushi with Mai, a recent convert and talked about how she could help her mom understand the church more clearly. Afterwards, we biked to a salon where we met and talked with a less-active member. She said that she would prefer if we just were never resurrected and didn't have a final judgement. She was also kind enough to trim my hair for me! Though she did end up cutting off more than anticipated... It was probably a good 3-5 inches. She had quite the nice dog and cat. And that evening, I made some friends at English class! ... It is more exciting in my memory, haha. 

The next day we spent a good part of the day harvesting! Literally! We help harvest some rice fields that belong to a member. It was a great experience and a lot of fun. The weather was nice and no one chopped off any fingers. Now THAT is what I call a successful harvest! When we returned home, we were able to give a few copies of the Book of Mormon to some sweet high school girls. We really pray that they will read and come to know of the truth of its message! 

The family that we harvested with decided to take us all for sushi. It was Elder Clark's first time eating sushi... Or really fish for that matter. Turned out he wasn't a big fan of wasabi, haha. 

On Sunday, we were really blessed to have Elder and Sister Whiting come and speak in our Ward. It was fantastic. The spirit was so strong. They both speak Japanese, and the members were really grateful for that. Our investigator was there. We had planned to teach her about pray that evening and it turned out that church was all about prayer that day! It was perfect. 

Even more amazing was our lesson that night. The members present were such a help. The spirit was incredibly strong as they bore testimony. We weren't expecting to, but we were able to set a baptismal date with her. How blessed are we!! I couldn't be happier!

Every day is filled with miracles! The hand of the Lord is in everything we do! I am eternal grateful for these amazing experiences!

May you all trust in the Lord, that you may have joy.

Sister Teagan Clark

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