Sunday, November 30, 2014

Transfer 11.1: The Last 12 Weeks

Well, here we are. As a missionary, when you first get to the field, you get a booklet for training called "The First 12 Weeks".... But they don't prepare you for the last 12 weeks! What a whirlwind I am about to enter! 

First off, transfer call. I got a call from President Wada this morning informing me that I would be staying with Sister Blake in Kofu, and also that I will be taking on some Sister Training Leader responsibilities. My first Mission Leader Conference is next week. I honestly thought that I would never be STL and still don't really feel like I am... I don't want it to just be a pity calling. But I trust President Wada and I trust God.  

We have done some fun things this week, like go all the way down near Mt. Fuji to visit some members there, have a lesson in half Spanish, half Japanese, Blake Shimai be sick with a cold, and most importantly, see various miracles! 

One happened while I was on exchanges with Sister Bickmore! On the way back to Kofu from interviews that morning, we invited a woman to sit down next to us. We quickly discovered that she is deaf and she quickly discovered that I was probably the only person on that train who could somewhat communicate in Shuwa, or Japanese Sign Language. Can you imagine! Sitting next to some foreigner, and suddenly they whip out some Shuwa! I have had the opportunity to learn Shuwa little by little throughout my mission and have really enjoyed the opportunity. I love Shuwa and perhaps I learned it just so I could invite one of Gods children to learn more about Jesus Christ. 

Another miracle happened at a big Thanksgiving dinner that a family in our Ward invited us to. Their children invited their coworkers and etc. and it ended up that there were several non members there! It was such a great environment to talk to people and introduce them to us and church. One person who came immediately had interest in learning more and practically invited herself to church. Only yesterday did we find out that the son who invited her is less active and his wife is against the church. It continually amazes me the power of member missionary work. I doubt that that member meant to refer that friend to us, but God always has a plan that is better than our own. 

I look forward to another amazing transfer. So many miracles are ahead! I am really going to begin to finish things off with a BANG!! Lots of love!

Sister Teagan Clark

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