Monday, January 5, 2015

Transfer 11.6: The Next Big Adventure

Happy New Year! The year 2015-- What does it hold? The future can be so dauntingly futurey sometimes. So unknown. Best we can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best, I suppose. 

Many wonderful things happened this week. We started off by going to the Nishimuro families home in the backwoods to what is called a "mochitsukitaikai" or, a Mochi (rice cake) making party. Very traditional. The rice was cooked with wood and fire before prepared by smashing it gently and then notsogentlely with a giant wooden hammer. As you can imagine, we had a blast. I took quite a few pictures. After the rice reaches the right constancy of a big blop of gloop, it is pulled into different pieces and dipped in various things (popular things being sweets red beans and sweetened soy bean powder) it 'twas an adventure. 

It was after that we returned from this activity that I found out that my grandfather had passed away. I've been going through various stages of mourning this week. I think I have worried my companion, haha. Actually, I've been really perfectly fine mostly. Just sometimes crying. My grandfather was someone I really looked up to, and I hope he knew it. Sometimes he talked about being ready for "the next big adventure" being the next life, where family and friends wait to greet you and the unknown is discovered. There are so many big adventures in our lives. Tonight, the next day, month, transfer, year, and so on. So much to look forward to. I hope I can continue to look forward and not back. 

On New Years, we had district meeting and went to a members home where we ate some very odd food and played Jenga while it snowed. Yes. Snowed. I know in Utah that happens, like, always, but here it is a bit more rare, haha. First snow fall of this winter. Of this year! 

Friday I went on exchanges with a certain Sister Magleby. We had a marvelous time, serving hot cocoa to some peeps and teaching the word of wisdom to some other peeps and then eating yakiniku with Brother Suzuki and Sister Toshie! Yay! 

Then I returned with the Blake, went to the Kasuga's and then played chess and then all of the Elder's got sick. Okay, not all of them. elder Terry and Elder Rose are still good. The others though.... They have all been sick in one way or another. Happy new year, right? 

Then yesterday, we went to the Hoshi home and ate delicious half Japanese/half Brazilian food. Oishii. Legit. 

Today was various shopping. Now that I read this, it kind of sounds lame, haha. But I promise, it was awesome! And this week is going to be awesome too!! Thank you all for your support and know that I love you very very much! :) 


Sister Teagan Clark

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